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Agence France Press does not know the basics of ballistic



In what is probably his most laughable feat of demagoguery to date, President BHO tried to control the damage he'd done running his big mouth with the release of a photo you're supposed to accept as a proof that he "goes shooting all the time"—and therefore it's perfectly OK if he decides to rule out the American people's natural right to do so.

At least that's out it looks like, seen from here.

The White House warned that this picture shall not be manipulated in any way (insecure much Barry?), and that's fine by me. Photoshopping news items is so Hezbollah '06. Every blogger and their dogs do it theses days.

Better go for video compositing, complete with music, and sounds, and explosions and little birds, and funny synthetic voice acting. The works.

Plus I get to cram all the disinformation and sheer nonsense of the gun-control freaks in less than 1.45 minutes. Not bad huh?

Special offer: for the civil disobedient among you, I offer this Barack "Boomstick" Obama action-figure DYI Kit. The zip archive contains two versions (.png files, 8 & 32 bits) of Barry and his gun, carefully cut-out and ready to drop on the background image of your choice. Have fun.


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Well, why should his subordinates be having all the fun?

Obama is abroad, and as he always does whenever he crosses a border, he's already an embarrassment.

Someone should call the White House, and tell B.H. Obama, or whoever animates the empty suit known as such:

- Despite claims to the contrary by the Internationalist Left and the herds of bleeding-heart, self-described 'Citizen of the World' nerds prattling around their pathetic post-hippy pomposities on TwitBook, we are not yet in a post-History, post-Nations world. So any foreigner from abroad coming about and hitting on 'our' girls like that will not go down well with the locals.

- Stop taking pickup advices from Al Gore. The whole crazed sex poodle act has already been done, and it doesn't work.

Also, Buddhist monks are not "those chicks in orange skirts", even though they do have a reputation for being very hot indeed, though only on some special occasions.

Please make sure your PSD is fully aware of that as well.

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Protest-through-destruction is the monopoly of Leftist thugs. Let's keep it that way.

Look, I understand that all these talks of "the Republic is dead, burn the flag" is just the stress of that unconceivable reelection talking.

You are not the kind of people that goes around burning American flags—the other side does. When you do protest, on the contrary, you fly the Stars and Stripes high and proud.

Still, I get the feeling. You're rightfully upset, and you are looking for ways to make it clear that you oppose whatever the wolf in sheep's clothes that will sit in the White House for another four years is prepared to unleash on you.

Rather than rejecting the flag though, maybe you should claim or reclaim it—not relinquish it to the maggots who voted for the European Way over the American Dream. Rather than burning it, maybe you could fly it upside down, say, for the next 4 years:
"Under the conditions normally set for the military at sea, if you fly your flag upside down on a ship, it means you're in distress... I think this country is in distress"—Philip Hoezel
Considering the number of regular citizens who fly the flag on their front porch, in their yard or on their car—always an awesome sight for the foreign observer, no matter where they stand on the issue—this could make quite a powerful and permanent statement.

And the great thing is that you could do it both offline and online. Here's a few ones to get you started on the virtual side of life:

That said, if you'd rather not turn Old Glory on his head, then there's another US symbol that is definitely upside down these days:

Use and abuse as you wish. If you need different dimensions, drop me a line. Best practice is to grab the pictures and host or upload them on your own web server, Fb or twitter account, etc, rather than hotlinking. You don't have to give credit whenever using this, but feel free to direct others to this page, or have the graphics link here—again, if you need any help with that, drop me a line.

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Now that a slight majority of American voters have caught the French, I will share visions of the times ahead with those who are still immune to this ghastly Western Occidental disease, and with the infected themselves.

Hear ye, hear ye, Great American Tribe: thou hast lost thy ways and hast forged thyself chains of iron. Hear the Revelations of the prophet Frogman, he who wandered through the barren wasteland of Europa under a wooden yoke and witnessed the terrible plight and dreadful blight that will now descend upon thee:

TO THE GLOATERS crowing over the comments sections of every conservative and Republican websites: burn through every gallons of that sweet euphoria as quickly and fully as you can, for it will very soon become stale and leave only the putrid taste of rot in your mouth. I know you, for I’ve seen your peers and walk among them in the Land of the Frenchmen. Tomorrow, the effects of your plebiscite will pierce through the exhilaration of your victory, and they will crush you as much as they afflict those you mock today.

Just as they did in France, the policies you champion will affect everyone’s standards of living, directly and indirectly. If you are wealthy today, your wealth will dwindle tomorrow. If you are already poor or believe yourself so, you will never rise and prosper.

Soon, just as the French did, you will realize that you’ve elected yourself servants of an unaccountable oligarchy courted by a small intelligentsia to which you will never belong, from which you will never profit and of which you can never get rid. Then, you will join the legions of what the French call les déçus de la Gauche, or "the Left’s disappointed"—Indeed, even in Left wing France, the Left never fails to disappoint its followers for it is made of and thrives on fallacy and deceit.

Just as the French, when you realize that the effects of the political model you tout today cascade and accumulate to the point where you have effectively handed that oligarchy a permanent majority that begins to feed on its pawns—you—it will be too late and your loss will be complete.

Understand this: I am not a US citizen nor a resident in the USA, so this is not the bitter retort of a sore loser. This is a prophecy from a foreigner who has seen your future because he lives in it: you, my friend, who laugh today will cry twice as much tomorrow.

TO THE VARIOUS BRANCHES OF LIBERTARIANISM, whether followers of the cranky Dr. Ron "The Bane of the Fed" or hipsters swapping commodity traders’ jokes on Zero Hedge as they wink-wink-nod-nod "wait for the Titanic to sink". You who decided against opposing the Eurobama Project rather than banking on the R&R ticket who, despite all its shortcomings (whether real, perceived or invented) would nevertheless have been far more receptive to most Libertarian ideals and would have been easier to steer in the directions you favor than the Chicago Machinist will ever be, here is an enigma:

Have you ever heard about the French Libertarian Party?

Me neither. True, there’s a couple of pretenders to the title, but they are merely social clubs, where every now and then attendants get a tingling in the pants by quoting good old Ludwig Von Mises and Claude Frédéric Bastiat between connoisseurs. Their true distinctive feature when compared to the other French is that they won’t even bother entertaining any delusion of grandeur or relevance—they know they have no place in the French political process, and no chance to ever gain one.

So hear this, Friends of Gary the Third Party and other Principled Abstentionists: by choosing ideological purity over strategic thinking, you’ve effectively hedged your own political future in the one competing force that is most capable of propelling you into irrelevance and oblivion—as we say in France: Bravo!

Just as in France, once a majority of the US population—no matter how slim—has tasted the poisonous fruits of the State, they will demand the keys to the cornucopia and regard with disdain, scorn or hostility any soul brave or foolish enough to call it unsustainable and propose to lock the larder. The fact that you are right will not matter at all. Just as they do in France, the people will ask for more and tout de suite, never realizing or willing to acknowledge that they are effectively cannibalizing themselves and their offspring—as we’ve been saying in France for quite a while: Après moi le Déluge!

Thank in no small part to you, Obama now has more time to multiply the locusts, thus depleting your future ranks. You shall keep fancying yourselves as The Smart Ones, when compared to those Neanderthaloid Conservatives and Liberal Zombies, until one of you wonders aloud why the lights went off in the Libertarian cave, and hears only the echo in answer.

Understand this: I am not a US citizen nor a resident in the USA, so this is not the bitter retort of a sore loser. This is a prophecy from a foreigner who has seen your future because he lives in it: you, my friend, who didn’t oppose Obama today will be politically extinct tomorrow.

TO THE REPUBLICANS, INDEPENDENTS AND, YES, DEMOCRATS—after all, between Lot and his family, even in Sodom there were a few righteous—who saw that great Evil roaming the land, pledged to do anything in their power to stop him but ultimately couldn’t muster a big enough army.

Some of you believe that shifting demographics have now relegated the American Right to a permanent minority status, and that to regain the initiative, you must disown the "Right-wing nut jobs" and "move to the center". That notion would be stupid and self-defeating enough at face value, even if it wasn’t echoed by a slew of Left wing pundits, who smelled the blood and see your doubts as a unique opportunity to demolish you further.

For the results of such a ‘strategic’ move, one needs only to turn, once again, to France.

Look at the French Right. See it? Look harder, as it is now very difficult to distinguish from the Left. Back in 1981, when the French elected their first officially Socialist president in a long time, and the French Right went on a losing streak, collapsing at the polls under what was then dubbed la vague rose ("the pink wave". Rose in French meaning both the color pink and the rose flower, emblem of the French Socialists) they figured, quite cynically, that they had to give the voters whatever they demanded—and moved left. They are now only nominatively Right wing, yet are consistently chided and scorned by the French press as right-wingers, ultra conservative and free market fundamentalists.

In other words, the French "Right" is now always wrong, and only has herself to blame.

I am not going to lecture you on what Republicans and conservatives should or shouldn’t do—if you want patronizing political advice, ask any of the other 60 millions+ French, they’ll happily oblige—but in light of the rapid destruction of the French Right, I’ll just state the obvious: what you need to change isn’t your principles, it’s the narrative.

Some of you believe that societal collapse or civil war are coming soon hereafter, and advocate stocking supplies and ammunitions for the conflict they see ahead.

Truly, there isn’t such things as too much food and weapons, and yes, collapse and conflict could come to America. Yet it is not written.

The various flavors of Social Democrats who run Europe (into the ground, admittedly), and share so many features and aspirations with Obama have learned the mistakes of the less subtle autocrats who preceded them. If France can teach you one thing, it’s that Obama will never bleed you dry or push you beyond the threshold of revolt, only to the nearest edge of it: you are now more likely to bleed from a thousand cuts over a thousand years than to get a quick, if violent, resolution to the relentless assaults against your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness—snarky Libertarians who opted to let Obama squat in the Oval Office unopposed on the deluded notion that "it doesn’t matter" and will bring the fall of Leviathan sooner, may want to take notice.

Even the French have not yet managed to completely plunder and ruin their comparatively much weaker economy, and the good Lord knows they’ve been trying for the best of the last 80 years or so.

Just like in France, the rates of taxes, duties and fees unleashed upon the good folks of the US of A will not only augment, they will also metastasize over an incredibly varied and ever expanding range of products and services, in addition to your income and profits. You will suffocate under an unrelenting onslaught of new regulations, red tape and audits by a growing army of government agencies and bureaucrats all tasked with the mission of controlling that nothing passes through their nets, and punishing you ruthlessly for anything that does.

And still: you will live through it, and you will live well enough—for a given value of "well"—to never really have a legally and morally unquestionable motive to rise up in arms and go full scale de oppresso liber on the tyrant. This will not be, as many of you imagine when they think about France, North Korea only with more cheese, wine and broads who don’t shave their armpits. Instead, you will find yourself in a multi-generations limbo of "too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards"—as, ironically, a Libertarian once said.

Just like in France, this will turn you into a depressed, cynical and pessimistic people, until they finally manage to kill your spirit whole, and nearly everybody is on the dole.

That’s when they’ve won. They do not need to kill you, they just have to break you.

Understand this: I am not a US citizen nor a resident in the USA, so this is not the bitter augury of a sore loser. This is a prophecy from a foreigner who has seen one of your possible futures while living in it.

Yet you, my friend, are all that’s needed to change that destiny.

If, as some say, this is all about demographics, then look at demographics and rejoice: no matter the color of your collar, you are the productive class, the entrepreneurial class, the creative class—quite literally, the working class—the likes and numbers of which France has never seen. You are guided by family morals and work ethics that are long gone in France, assuming they’ve ever existed here. And you are living under the cover of the most formidable declaration and system of self-governance, one that simply never existed in France.

Thus the only future I can predict is the one where you go French and surrender. You, and only you can turn this debacle around and me into a false prophet.

Sadly, some among you seem to have all but given up. Reading through your reactions in the comments at PJ Media, Breitbart, Hotair and others, I see cries that "the Republic is dead", and even claims—shocking claims, for this Americanophile—to burn the flag because "it doesn’t mean anything anymore".

Old Glory doesn’t mean anything, simply because you woke up last Wednesday to a measly 4 millions popular votes difference? A battle of nearly 121 million voters finds you outnumbered by four and hear, hear: the Republic is dead and the war is lost?

Try and tell that to those Americans who found themselves outnumbered and outgunned by far more disadvantageous enemy ratios, whether in a forest in the Ardennes, a hill in Korea, a valley in Vietnam or a mountain in Afghanistan. Try and tell them you’re considering giving up and burning the flag in despair.

Even though I am just a French, I am quite certain I can predict their reaction.

Once again, you don’t need a lecture from this Frenchman, but it seems to me that some of you, in the emotion of that unexpected electoral defeat, forgot this simple fact: America is always outnumbered.

This unique nation, founded not on feudal or religious fault lines but on a radical philosophy of individual freedom isn’t the norm in this world: it is an anomaly. If you needed a quick and simple reminder on the basis for American exceptionalism, there you go.

America is always outnumbered and, until the rest of the world sees the guiding light and builds shining cities on America’s model—if that day ever comes—America will always be outnumbered.

Yet it doesn’t matter: America’s strength isn’t in numbers, it’s in her soul.

Hear this final prophecy America: only one man can kill the Republic, and it isn’t Barack Obama. The one man who will kill your Republic is the one man who will last give up and renounce it.

Don’t you dare be that man.

Update: linked and quoted at MacBourne's Musings, and I've added a quick follow-up on the flag protest issue here.

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Europe at the eleventh hour: Hollande told that 'the nick of time' isn't "when you realize some bloody thief stole your watch."

The Telegraph follows the Euromeltdown day by day, and because they're British and had (once) a great and most prescient Prime Minister who said "No, no, no" to continental promiscuities (note to Lord Howe: how do you like your cricket metaphors now?), they can afford to bring a bit of snarky in an otherwise dire situation.

Like, a photo of the shiny new Socialist French President in action:

I know, this kind of goofiness happens to anyone, but still: you'd think this guy would be a bit more.... Shall we say "focused" than the average person these days?

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Socialism will always force you into the most desperate measures, or How I Went Out And Wasted A Perfectly Fine Sunday Voting For Tricky Nick.

I never vote, in any election here. I just can’t bring myself to choose between the motley gang of Collectivists that’s invariably on any French ballot, and in any case, well… “Don’t vote, it just encourages the bastards.”

It isn’t that I don’t value the democratic system; on the contrary, it’s precisely because I value it that I don’t want to taint it by endorsing with my vote the circus of inbred freaks that is the French political class.

I never vote, ever. Yet this past week, and for the first time ever, I found myself in a bit of a Cornelian dilemma.

For those of you who have more productive things to do than wabble in French Classical literature (fear not: most of the French don’t, either), a Cornelian dilemma is a sort of no-win situation wrapped into a Pyrrhic victory. Named after Pierre Corneille (dubbed “the founder of French tragedy”), who first introduced an unsuspecting world to this hopeless moral issue in his play ‘Le Cid’, it is “a choice between actions which will all have a detrimental effect on the chooser or on someone they care for.”—In this instance: me, myself, I, a few of my relatives and friends, and a large chunk of the Western world.

Quite a few people, actually.

Unlike Corneille’s El Cid, my dilemma wasn’t between banging my girlfriend or wasting her father (I bet you can tell that was written by a Frenchman, now) but rather between voting for someone who deserved to lose, and not doing my humble part to minimize the score of someone who did not deserve to win.

On one hand, Hollande’s election pitch (the candidate’s Profession de Foi, or “profession of faith” as it is called even, ironically, by those Frenchmen who claim that God is dead) reads like he and the Socialists have been living on another planet for the last 20 years. I mean, I knew the French Left was in a semi-fossilized state since the early 1970’s (the French Communist Party was, after all, the last Stalinist party in Western Europe, long after the others ‘reformed’ themselves) but I never knew the Socialists were so economically, socially, culturally and politically retarded in this glorious year of 2012.

Candidate Porcinet’s profession of faith reads like the Ten Commandments of last century’s People Prophets: punish those who succeed (until they move to Britain or Switzerland), plunder big businesses (in case they’d still harbor any intention to go for big employment), force or flatter and in last resort coerce and submit as much as possible to a State whose expansion you will feed through taxing everything that moves (and keeps moving, dixit le Gipper), while spending more than you have and borrowing whatever you can’t steal.

Looking at the French Left these days, you can almost feel a North Korean-lite level of insanity at work: no matter that the money is running out, that the standards of living are falling steadily and will continue to do so, these guys want to carry on, nay, extend the very policies and practices that brought us in this sorry state of affairs in the first place.

The horrible truth about the party that is now at the helm in France is that they are, and I weight my words carefully, completely mental (though in truth, the previous one was only ever so slightly less bonkers), while the added horror stems from the fact that they’ve just been chosen by a slight majority of the voters.

Hollande did not deserve to win—unless you belong to the kind of people who, when asked “Who should we put in charge of the clattering train?” would answer “Why, Death, of course. Who else?” (for the record, that’s 51.63 % of the French electorate)

On the other hand, Nicolas “Tricky Nick” Sarkozy did deserve to lose. Back in 2007, he fooled the better half of the voters by campaigning on a free(ish)-market / small(ish) government platform, before making a u-turn (okay, maybe just 170°) as soon as he was elected, aggravating both his friends on the Right and his enemies on the Left—who hate him for being at times (though admittedly not all the time) more effectively, and in some tragic way more efficiently, Left-wing than themselves. Cue his disgusting pandering to the Ecologists and hard left unions at the ‘Grenelles de l’Environment’, including but not limited to, his warm introduction of Al Gore as “President Al Gore”.

And so there was no doubt in my mind that he couldn’t win—that much has been crystal clear to me for quite some time (I mean, look, I last predicted the sacking of Sarko in September 2010, and everybody acts as if yesterday’s results are the big shocking results? What the hell are these people reading? Le Fluffingtown Host?1)

On the third hand (that’s the one the big French state was slipping in my pocket while I was foolishly debating the other two) there is one thing with which I can blindly entrust my fellow Frenchmen: they always have, and always will make the worst possible choices at the worst possible times—and this time again, they did.

So my ‘solution’ out of this dilemma? Well, knowing that Sarkozy couldn’t win, even with my vote, I felt desperate enough at the prospect of a Socialist plebiscite that I would give him my vote, thus clinging to the bittersweet consolation of knowing that in the end, I did my part to minimize Hollande’s victory margin—no matter how useless this might have been.

Hence the photo of my voter’s ID card above. Yeah, the caption should say “I voted for Sarko, and all I’ve got was this stupid date stamp on my card”2

Having said that, there is a sad irony in Hollande’s victory: Socialism put us in our current ordeal, and as this train wreck is headed to its dreadful conclusion in the coming months, I find it only fair that Socialists be at the wheel when the disaster strikes.

They’ll have a much harder time getting away with it, as they’ve had so far.

Note: if you are reading this on the frontpage, be advised that there's a couple of photos on the full pageWe was just started so far...
  1. You know there’s a French version of that ridiculous electro-rag now?
  2. Note to American lefties who recoil with horror when “hicks from the sticks” want to enforce Voter ID laws in the US, and yet regard France as the epitome of Civilization and Progress: as French citizens, we cannot vote without being registered, going to our State-assigned voting station, where we will have to present our State-issued voter card and one among several State-issued national ID (national ID card, passport or driver’s license), signing on one register next to our State-issued voter number before we enter the booth and then sign another register after we slipped our ballot into the box, and, as seen in the photo, have our voter card stamped with the date of the vote3 for each suffrage. Now what where you saying about the Police State of Texas and Arizona, again?
  3. In case you're wondering: no, we don't get one extra vote once we've filled the card. This is not Obama's election.

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Clifford D. May over at National Review Online has a perfectly valid column "The Messages of Toulouse" on what Merah, and other freelance Jihadis like him, mean for the larger Muslim population, but unfortunately he starts it with a rather irritating mistake:
This part of the story has received too little attention: Merah, the 23-year-old son of Algerian immigrants, began his killing spree by gunning down French paratrooper Sergeant Imad Ibn Ziaten and, four days later, two more uniformed paratroopers, Corporal Abel Chennouf and Private Mohamed Legouad. All three were Muslims.


Corporal Abel Chennouf was French of Kabyle and Alsatian descent, born in Martigues (south of France) 1986 and moved with his family to Illzach (a town near Mulhouse, Alsace) in 1987. And he was a Catholic.

There is also another "part of the story that has received too little attention": Loïc Liber, the third paratrooper shot in the throat and the spine by Mohamed Merah in Montauban is originally from the Guadeloupe islands... And a Catholic too.

In the end, Merah attacked and killed Jews, Muslims and Christians. How the good folks at the NRO, of all the places, could miss that?

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No sleep till al-Ǧannah

Endgame: The Mohamed is Dead (Thursday, around 11:30)

Well, what do you know? Looks like the whole business of shutting down power and moving operators into the building didn't spell "Assault" after all. Maybe it's French-bashing joke time, like wondering who's going to surrender to whom.

TF1 has started a new page, so I'll do the same. This will be the continuation of Murder by Mohamed: the latest in French Jihad

  • 00:30 Guéant tells Reuters "There is no assault". According to the ministry of the Interior, these (shutting down power, I presume) are just "intimidation maneuvers to apply pressure on the maniac [nice twist here to avoid any reference to Islamic terrorism by using the generic French word "forcené" ("maniac"), a familiar term used in the French press whenever someone goes through a massive nervous breakdown and barricades himself in his house after shooting his neighbors or his own wife and kids—DF] who apparently changed his mind and doesn't want to surrender anymore". Well, he's a second generation immigrant after all, he probably did not fully integrate the whole Frenchy surrendering gist yet.

  • 01:22 The wait. TF1 feels compelled to inform us that absolutely nothing is happening. At a slow pace.

  • 01:35 (approx.) Three detonations according to Reuters. Smaller than the flashbang noise earlier. TF1 says it could be firearm, but hasten to add that they have no idea on their origin. That's sharp reporting, that is.

  • 02:15 Quiet again, but TF1 switches from sharp reporting to wild presumptions and states that these detonations could be a trick to try the Mohamed's resistance.

  • 05:35 Three bangs, again. TF1 finds two "sources close to the investigation" but forget to ask their names. Still, "they" formally confirm the detonations are not signaling the final assault". Into a feat of modern reporting, they dig deeper and find a "specialist" who, despite having seemingly no immediately available patronymic identification to provide, still manages to inform the daring TF1 news editors that the bang-bangs "could indeed come from stun grenades, used to try the Mohamed's alertness and weigh on the negotiations". As this unnamed specialist doesn't seem to be aware that the Mohamed isn't negotiating since yesterday evening, the TF1 stumbles on a second Specialist With No Name who claims that bang-bang-bangs could also herald the assault, as the first bang blows the door and the others incapacitate the target.

    If I was to indulge in sharp reporting à la TF1, I'd wildly presume that these name-challenged specialists are the editor's nephew who derives his acute knowledge of everything bang-bang-bang from hours of extensive training on Counter-strike. No, seriously. You have no idea how ridiculously lazy and incompetent the French press is.

  • 06:25, 07:16 TF1 fills the inaction with blabber on this being one of the longest missions of the RAID (the previous one being the 1993 maniac who planned to blow himself up in a Neuilly school), and on yet another sources without a name who informs us that the Mohamed seems to be a little bit closed up since yesterday. Sharp, sharp, sharp.

TF1 does the completely broken timeline again, and in a different, and chronologically-challenged page, manages to slip in the following information from Guéant on RTL radio:

According to the ministry of the Interior, the Mohamed wishes to die guns blazing. Guéant also says that he "hopes" the "suspected motorcycle killer" [still grossly dodging the Islamic nature of the scumbag] is "still alive" in his flat, as he is surprised there had been no reaction from the Mohamed after the detonations around him during the night. The ministry finds it "somewhat strange that he did not react", particularly after the RAID blew up his windows shutters. Moreover, Guéant adds that they've "heard two gunshots, but don't know what it means".

Well, one of France most famous case of political corruption conveniently ending in blood is that of Bérégovoy, Prime Minister under France's beloved Socialist president Mitterrand, who shot himself in the head. Twice. So there you go.

Final update: the Mohamed is dead

Things suddenly went down this morning:

  • 09:10 Guéant is on the scene, saying "nothing new".

  • 09:50 Movement around the building, RAID operators repositioning, police entering a nearby building, stretcher brought forth.

  • 10:30 Three detonations, yet the assault still doesn't seem to be on.

  • 10:55 TF1's says their "source" reveals that the RAID follows a slow progression strategy, and that the assault could last for hours, depending on the lay of the Mohamed's flat.

  • 11:00 So much for TF1's "source" on slow progression: another "source close to the investigation" reveals that although they still don't know if the Mohamed is still alive, the RAID is inside the apartment.

  • 11:07 Mohamed Merah reportedly entrenched in his bathroom. RAID reportedly "smashing through the walls one by one to get to him" and opting for the "slow progression strategy". Slower than going through the door, that's for sure.

  • 11:27 Heavy detonations and gunfire around the Mohamed's flat.

  • 11:38 Let the People rejoice: the Mohamed is dead; shot during the assault, while trying to flee through his bathroom window [a tactic known in certain circles as the Fargo Strategy—DF] with a Kalashnikov and a handbag or satchel, the content of which has not been revealed. Three cops wounded unfortunately, including one in critical condition.

  • 12:03 Guéant confirms that Mohamed is dead.

Kudos to the assault teams, keep the wounded cops in your thoughts or your prayers.
For the sake of his victims, it would have been an absolute disgrace if the Mohamed had made it alive.

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Note: Updates as the current operation to capture Mohamed Merah develops will be at the end of this post.
Update: as the siege is dragging on, I am starting a new post to follow through. This is for the events of Wednesday, Thursday will be here

After the murders at the Ozar-Hatorah Jewish school in Toulouse on Monday, there was no doubt in my mind that the 'right-wing Neo-Nazi' lead was the wrong one.

There is no denying that France has her share of Neo-Nazis, but they usually fall into two categories: old farts who lament the loss of that fantasy they call 'la Grandeur de la France', and young(er. Or "ish", considering the demographic trends around here) skinhead thugs whose level of involvement in direct action ranges from empty threats on the Facebook to the occasional bare hand skirmish with their twins of the 'Antifa' faction. In other words, accidentally lethal, at most.

Killing children face to face and in cold blood takes an entirely different kind of moral perversion; one that in Europe, at this moment in History only exist among the followers of Islam.

So I am not surprised that at 03:00 this morning, the RAID (the French equivalent of the SWAT) was going after one Mohamed Merah, a 24 years old French of Algerian descent. The guy apparently checks all the right boxes:

  • Known by the police for delinquency, sometimes with violence—your average 'racaille des banlieues', or suburb scumbag.

  • Two tours in Afghanistan & Pakistan. Gets the Al-Qaeda wings with Taliban ribbons. Admittedly imprisoned in Kandahar, that little shit bird flew away during a Taliban-organized break-out in June 2008 (though that last bit still has to be officially confirmed by French sources)

  • Back in France, that particular Mohamed follows through on the Way of the Jihad. His brother and sister share the same vibe, even though they have not had their AfPak ticket (yet?).

Talking about moral perversion: it's been revealed that this particular Mohamed was wearing a camera in a harness on his chest, in order to videotape his own little Jihad while he was killing children and their father at point blank range. Expect that to end up on a Tube near You, as well as on the Umma's mobile phones the world over. Sick barbarians, the whole lot of them.

LCI/TF1 (perhaps France's least less reliable media source—though that's not saying much) gives the time-line of the RAID's raid, which I'll summarize here:

  • 03:00 AM (Wednesday 03/21) RAID operation starts. Gunfire at some point. One cop slightly wounded in the knee, another can thank the Gods of Kevlar for his bulletproof vest.

  • 05:00 2 hours in the raid, and the suspect is still holding up in his flat. Negotiations are under way. Cops in helmets and bulletproof vests have the whole area under lock-down. Why are they negotiating? Beats me, though I imagine they may fear the suspect is a fully equipped Muhammad, which would include the Exploding-Muhammad Personal Kit.

  • 05:45 Gunfire again. One cop reportedly wounded in the shoulder. I guess that in the course of the negotiation, somebody must have said something offensive to the Muhammadan sensitivity.

  • 06:00 Claude Guéant, ministry of the Interior, takes the mic to confirm that the raid is still going on, and targets "someone with links to people who describe themselves as Salafists and Mudjahidins, claims to be a Mudjahidin himself and be part of al-Qaeda, and willing to avenge the Palestinian children as well as take on the French Army". Guéant also announces that the Mohamed "talks a lot" and that his Mom was brought to the scene, and offered to contact him and try to reason with him. She refused, saying that she had little influence on him.

  • 06:14 The anti-terrorist task force announces that "several operations are currently under way" in the Toulouse area. Probably rounding up some extra Muhammads.

  • 08:30 raid still under way. Marc Stzulman, secretary-general of the CRIJ (French representative council of the Jewish institutions), after a meeting with Guéant, reveals that "the suspect won't surrender". No, don't expect a French-bashing joke here.

  • 09:02 A blast is reported. According to the AFP, that's just the police destroying a car that was blocking the operation. Then again, the AFP are the very people who can't tell a bullet from an unspent cartridge when shown one by a old Iraqi hag, so make what you want of that...

  • 09:06 Guéant announces that "the suspect" (that's the guy who's been firing at the cops for the last 6 hours) said he will surrender this afternoon. Says Guéant: "our primary concern is to get him in custody and in such conditions as we can bring him to justice. Our concern is to catch him alive of course. This is how justice must work." In proper speech, that means "If at all possible, let's get us an unexploded Mohamed; without too many holes in the Mohamed thank you very much."

    Guéant adds that the Mohamed has thrown his Colt .45 through the window but still has "many weapons". TF1 says "a kalachnikov and a Uzi pistol". But TF1 is just the AFP's next of kin so what do you know. Plus: how a ruthless Mudjahidin can possibly be pursuing Jihad by way of Infidel American and Jewish Weapons of War? Cognitive dissonance much Mohamed?

  • 10:51 "the suspect" has stopped talking with the police. Moreover, "the police" has told TF1 that the Mohamed's Mom, his brother and said brother's girlfriend have been in preventive custody since 04:00/06:00 AM. Under French law, they can remain there for 4 days without a court order.

  • 11:25 The residents of the building have been evacuated. Yeah, just 8 hours after the raid began, the shooting, the negotiation and all. Hey, don't ask me.

  • 12:00 TF1 says that "according to an Afghani official" (undetermined and without a name, apparently—DF) the suspected Mohamed did time in Kandahar for bombing activities (IEDs, I presume).

  • 13:05 TF1 says that "according to someone close to the investigation" (undetermined and without a... Oh, you get it—DF), the love is back between the RAID and the suspected Mohamed: they be talking again. Methinks TF1 doesn't know much, but feels like they need to update anyway. That's the French press for you.

    • Developing here for those of you desperate enough to inflict some raw French upon themselves.

      If TF1 find some source with a name and qualifications, or if anything else of importance happens, I shall update here too.


      TF1 updates its updates on the raid with an information not directly related to the raid. And without citing any source. I did tell you about the French press, didn't I?

      • 13:49 Says TF1: "Mohamed Merah tried to join the French Army (infantry) in 2008 and the Foreign Legion two years later—without success." Would-be Jihadi infiltrating Western armies? Gee, that's a scoop.

      • 14:20 TF1 says that BFMTV says that the suspected Mohamed was just arrested by the RAID, but the DCRI (that's the police intelligence bureau) says "not true". He-says-she-says. Who knows?

      • 14:35 The police reports that "explosives" (these are TF1's own quotes, not mine) have been retrieved from the suspected Mohamed's brother car. Muhammad, explosives, check.

      • 14:50 Guéant, France's Ministry of the Interior has denied the Mohamed's arrest—as claimed by BFMTV. So either the Ministry or the channel are full of fecal matter. According to my personal knowledge of both French politicians and press, it's a 50/50 call.

      • 15:15 TF1 updates: "Sarkozy just left the barracks [army or police? no precision—DF] nearby the building where the suspected Mohamed is under siege, without making any comment". In other words, TF1 says that Sarko leaves without saying anything—and they think that was worth saying.

      • TF1 update: "according to the CRIF, the suspected Mohamed was ready to strike again this morning" (Wednesday). I presume the CRIF got the info when its secretary-general met Guéan earlier this morning.

      • TF1 pushes on the last update with an unspecified source "close to the investigation" that reveals the suspected Mohamed was planning to kill a soldier today.

      • 16:00 François Molins and Michel Valet, public prosecutors from Paris and Toulouse announce a press conference alongside Christian Lothion the boss of the "Police Judiciaire" at 16:30, Perignon barracks in Toulouse.

      • 16:55 The RAID allegedly tried to enter the Mohamed's stronghold several times today, only to be driven out by the Mohamed's gunfire. That's a bit weird; these guys are (used to be?) elite.

      • 17:00 Paris public prosecutor François Molins says that Mohamed Merah has updated his surrender program: rather than this afternoon, he's now aiming at "late evening" today—In time for prime-time perhaps? Is the Mohamed looking for a public apparition during the sacrosanct 20:00 news?

      This guy (presumably) alone has been keeping French elite intervention forces at bay for nearly 15 hours. You can bet your spare Quran that he is scoring big Mujahidin PR creds. "La Republique" should stop this circus dead in its tracks right now.

      More updates

      Bits and pieces from the press conference with Molins, the public prosecutor:

      • They knew about that particular Mohamed's potential for Jihad. For years. That's how they spotted him among the 576 IP addresses users they checked after the first murder on March 11.

      • Watching the videos of the murders on the 19th allowed them to match the killer with the psychological profile of Mohamed Merah: violent, and with several charges of violence as a juvenile.

      • The owner of a Yamaha dealership approached the police to reveal that one of the Mohamed's brothers had visited his store and asked how to disable the tracker helping to find scooters in case of theft.

      • The Mohamed can't stop talking apparently, "spontaneaously" since this morning according to Morins, giving away many information that call for verification.

      • He told the police where they would find a Renault Megane car he rented in early March, containing weapons.

      • Among other things he reportedly "doesn't have a martyr's soul" and "would prefer to kill while remaining alive". He claims he's acting in reaction to the Palestinians' fate, the French foreign policy and interventions as well as the ban on burqas.

      • He "regrets he didn't kill more people" but gloats that he "brought France on its knees".

      Since the Socialists abolished the death penalty—without asking for the public's consent—and since the Justice department in this country is the left wing of the Left, this dirtbag is looking for a life term at most.

      In France, that's roughly 22 years—not such a big deal for a 24 years old.

      More TF1 timeline

      Here's the latest on the TF1 timeline of events:

      • 19:53 Longuet, the Ministry of Defense chimes in and declares that "this may take the whole night as they want to catch him alive in order to bring him to justice, learn his motivations, and his supports and accomplices, if any". No idea why the Ministry of Defense brings his big mouth in what is interior police matter, by it's always "interesting" to know that the French ministry of war still isn't sure enough about the "motivations" of an al-Qaeda affiliated Mudjahidin. Figures.
      • 20:20 Paris public prosecutor reveals that the Mohamed could spend days hunkered down in his flat just watching videos, including decapitations.
      • 20:25 The suspected Mohamed claims he refused to go on a suicide attack for al-Qaeda but accepted a "general mission" to commit some attack in France.
      • 20:30 Guéant hopes the "suspected motorcycle killer" (TF1's words—I guess this is not Jihad anymore, just... Motorcycle road rage) will soon surrender, hopefully at nightfall; they are purportedly discussing conditions.

      This is top journalism: TF1 botches its own timeline, and puts a 21:04 marker between the 20:20 and the 20:25. They're editing their bloody site by hand or what? Anyway: power has been shutdown in the whole block. Looks like the beginning of the end (or the end of the beginning) for the Mohamed.

      And it spells "Assault", not "Surrender". I must confess I'm hoping for a double-tap à la française. Geronimo!

      • 22:05 According to TF1 / LCI's own reporter in Toulouse, approximately 20 RAID operators have entered the building. Some of them are in the apartments next to Mohamed Merah's.
      • 23:37 Three detonations reported by TF1 near the Mohamed's nest—presumably stun grenades. According to an (again) anonymous "police source" for Reuters the assault has started. This is apparently confirmed by Toulouse's mayor office.

      Time for me to close shop for the night however. Here's to tomorrow, and the hope of one less kid-killing Mohamed breathing the same air as ourselves.

      Update, Thursday

      The story continues here.

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A few hours here before we slide into the Last Year of the World as we know it, (at least according to a bunch of stone-age primitives who weren’t clever enough to invent the wheel—and yet, supposedly managed to predict the unpredictable centuries before it’s supposed to happen) so this year, I feel like joining the New Year’s Predictions club.

If, coincidentally, the world really ends in 2012 I will not look like a complete ass at the same time next year. That’s a bonus.

So here goes:

The world will not end

However,  the witch-doctors, cargo cultists, snake-oil salesmen and other global warming prophets will have a great year, as just about anything can and will be interpreted as signs of the coming Mayan Apocalypse.

There will be a war in the Middle-East.

Then again, tell me when there isn’t one.

Expect major protests and possibly riots in France.

Not by the average working French, mind you. He is just scared shitless of losing his job and will buckle up and take every tax increase the State will toss at him this year. He’s never the one who goes on strike and protest, as he is too busy scrapping a living.

Those who do and will, however, go on rampage in the streets of La Belle France are a different class of Frenchmen: idle and dependant on the taxpayer’s money. In other words the unemployed and other government workers—both of which France has accumulated in vast numbers.

When the money runs out—as it will this year—they are the ones with both the time and experience to light up the French street.

The Euro and possibly the EU, at least as we know them, will crash and burn. And die.

Okay, that’s as much a prayer as it is a prediction.

It’s a presidential election year in France, and the French will re-elect a Socialist as president.

That one is easy: all the candidates are (yeah, including Daddy’s girl, Front National’s Marine le Pen.)

I will rebuild this site and start blogging regularly again.

Okay, that’s more a prayer than a prediction.

Call it a New Year resolution then.

Oh, and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all!

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"in Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love - they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock." — The Third Man

I find hard to believe that it has been 10 years already, but here we are. Nearly 3,000 victims, as young as two and as old as 82, murdered in a most brutal manner by 19 Muslims hooked on the fanatical and homicidal teachings of their political-religious ideology.

A decade since their future was robbed by men who renounced all pretenses to humanity by planning, helping and perpetrating the attacks.

Reflecting on these past 10 years, the one thing that strikes me most is how the attacks have indeed become the “defining event of our time”, as pundits and press repeatedly put it—sometimes even without really caring much about the actual meaning of that powerful sentence.

10 years on and there is no doubt for me: September 11 has been so far a Great Revealer of the spirit of both nations and individuals.

In the West, Europe and the largest part of Europeans either could not care less or actually rejoiced when the planes crashed and the towers fell:

[...] the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen [...] called the attacks “the greatest work of art ever created.”

… while in Paris:

A far-right journalist who fantasizes he is of the left because he opposes the “plutocracy” [...] was crossing the boulevard Saint-Germain: “150,000 Americans less! What excellent news!”

Meanwhile, in the Parisian suburbs, the flags of various Northern African countries were flying high, while people danced in the streets singing “A bas, à bas, Babylone!” (“Down with Babylon”)—spontaneous expressions of insane joy, only matched by the bile served by the French press at large in the weeks that followed.

10 years on, and if things have changed in Europe, it is only for the worse. What Septembers 11 reveals is that on that day, 10 years ago, Europe chose—definitely—the path to suicide, a path on which she was already too far advanced anyway, even if most Europeans don’t even realize it or won’t admit it.

America and the majority of Americans did not. No matter how grim the global situation may look at this very moment, it pays to take a step back from the current woes of the US economy and look at the bigger picture, through the lens of the Great Revealer, that “defining event of our time”. Why? Because culture always trump economy.

The enduring spirit of the USA, the efforts and sacrifices Americans have been willing to make, the unrelenting hunt for any aspiring or confirmed Jihadist who might have harbored the notion that “al-Ameriki” were soft targets and a quick way to Islamic paradise—only to discover that after September 11 the first part of that assumption was now fatally incorrect—reveals without a doubt where the real future of Western Civilization lives and will thrive.

No, not in Europe anymore.

Surely, mistakes were made. The election of President Zero for instance is a good example—yet simply a typical case of battle fatigue on the count of the American voter, of which he has began to recover and react already.

Americans have a way of fixing errors (theirs and frequently those of others, even when it isn’t their immediate best interest) that is far beyond the grasp of the average European (wallowing as we are in whatever the new and trendy nihilist ideology of the day) and that ensures their nation’s resilience, no matter what happens.

10 years after, the lesson of September 11, 2001 is that while Europe doubled-down on the path to societal suicide, America took the high road to survival.

I expect that despite a few bumps on the road, she can only gather speed now.

There is much comfort to be taken in that, and I simply cannot think of a better way to remember and honor the victims of that terrible day.

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The accute and instantaneous political commentary on the Tucson tragedy by the brightest minds of the American Left1 and the lowest depths of the French printed media sheds an unexpected light on the shooting of another elected Democrat under, as they'd say at Reuters, "controversial circumstances".

Forget about the lone gunman at the window of the book depository with a lame Carcano. The exclusive photographic evidence above clearly shows three shooters on the grassy knoll—as it's been suspected for a long time—with at least two rifles: Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin's Dad and a third, so far unidentified figure, presumably the elusive Black Dog Man—without a doubt a highly qualified CIA secret black-ops operative, considering that he's holding what looks like a very threatening sort of black full automatic machine gun rifle that's certainly not available to a civilian loser like Lee Harvey Oswald.

And now, I'll let Moulitsas1, Krugman1 or Sullivan1 explain how Bristol Palin was actually performing an early rehearsal of "Dancing with the stars" on stage at Ford's Theater, thus luring Abraham Lincoln to his fateful end.


The Left never ceases to amaze: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (no less) confirms. Kind of.

Write Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin's:

For a second there I expected him to claim witnesses saw Sarah Palin on the grassy knoll.

Ha! Wikileaks, eat your heart out!

  1. LOL! as they say on the Interwebs

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    Meet the new French government. Same as... Oh, never mind.

    French President Nicolas “Tricky Nick” Sarkozy just reshuffled his gang of Socialists-in-suits, and while the Prime Minister François Fillon resigned fully knowing he’d be reappointed straight away1, there’s been some actual change of windbags at the Defense Ministry (France’s DoD, if you will).

    Hervé Morin is out, Alain Juppé—a fixture of contemporary French politics, and one of the heinous Chirac’s most trusted henchmen—is in.

    Some would say “again”, and follow that by a resigned yet aggravated sigh.

    As I was preparing to go through my files and proceed with the tedious translation to English of Juppé‘s remarkable record (for a given value of “remarkable” and strictly in the context of French government, of course), I found out that the Daily Mail has already done the job.

    Life being already too short to waste it on anything French, I hereby declare the Daily Mail a blessing upon us all, and wave you in the general direction of its article on the man who will, from now on, be in charge of French armed forces (don’t laugh).

    This may even be a short read indeed, as the Daily Mail masterfully put everything you need to know about that Gallic trash in the title: France appoints its new Defence Secretary – a convicted criminal jailed for misusing public funds and banned from office for ten years

    No, really. That’s all you need to know about Alain Juppé.

    1. Yeah, I know. In just about any advanced civilization such "constitutional" practice doesn't make any sense practically or politically. But where did you get the impression I was talking about an advanced civilization anyway?

    Creative Commons



    Honest, I don't have the beginning of an opinion when it comes to the amount of truth in this:
    'It’s hell. I can’t stand it!’ Carla Bruni reveals what Michelle Obama REALLY thinks of being First Lady
    I can only guess that if your definition of Hell includes partying at the White House with money you don't have to earn and will never have to repay, when you're not hobnobbing with the nobs over a gazpacho while your Golfer in Chief of a husband is trying to fill some holes again, then yeah, Michelle must be in Hell.

    That said, Sarkozy is a nasty little bugger who has shown time and again that he could hold a grudge, and who isn't going along too well with Hubby Hussein1. In this instance, he could be having a cheap swipe at Obama, through is Bobo2 of a wife — diplomacy by proxy, if you will. So maybe Michelle O' did say that, maybe she didn't. The only thing I'm quite certain when it comes to Mistress Obama is that she didn't get where she's at in life only on her good looks.

    Sweet Jesus in a velvet suit, that woman is ugly as Hell.

    And I'm not just speaking about her mind.

    What did catch my interest and spark my amusement though is this:
    [Bruni] says one term as French president ‘will be enough’ for her husband and suggests he might take tips from his friend Tony Blair: ‘Why not start making money?’
    No, before you ask, it's not the "why not start making money", part that I find amusing. Particularly not the "start" bit: as if that parasite of civil society had been living so far on the minimum wage and isn't entitled to the pay and benefits of his current tenure for the rest of his life — a telling feature of French legislation indeed: make it to any seat at the level of Parliament and beyond, and as far as your paycheck is concerned, you're elected for life.

    No, what I do find funny is this "one time is enough" thing. Sounds like the Bruni-Sarkozy lingo for "best way to avoid a humiliating defeat, is not to compete in the first place".

    Tricky Nick pissed off so many people, left, right, front and center — and he knows it — that I can't see how he could get a second term anyway.

    Even in Hell.
    1. But hey, who does?
    2. Bourgeois-Bohemian: France's nouveau riche, or in other words the Gallic variant of the Limousine Liberal and Champagne Socialist.

      Creative Commons



      Well, what do you know? Even anodyne colloquialism such as the one below demonstrate that Islam was already a pain in mankind's backside, way before both Great and Little Satans came around and started to "oppress" that poor, poor Umma:

      Feather in your cap: an honor to you.

      "The Caufirs [from the Arabic "Kafir": infidel -- df] of Cabul [Kabul, Afghanistan -- df] stick a feather in their turban for every Mussulman [Muslim -- df] slain by them."

      "In Hungary, at one time, none might wear a feather but he who had slain a Turk."

      Thus, anyone who reduces — and excuses — modern Islamic terrorism as the result of unheard yet legitimate grievances following the reestablishment of the State of Israel, the foreign policy of the USA or even the unpredictably variable length of Western womenfolk's skirts, is primarily showing his ignorance of both English language and History.

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