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Agence France Press does not know the basics of ballistic

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... But maybe a start. Or at least, a gesture.

Italy is lodging a formal complaint with the Emirate of Belgium, after the arrests during the September 11 demonstration against the Islamisation of Europe.

The Belgian police — who, like the rest of Europe's police forces only gets tough with those who won't fight back — unfortunately arrested Mario Borghezio, an Italian member of the European Parliament who was challenging the decision of the City Council of Brussels to ban the rally.

According to some of my sources, the Socialist Party holds 17 of the City Council's 47 seats, and of those 17, 10 are Muslims.

But that, of course, is probably just a coincidence and those Muslims have nothing to do with religion.
... Mais peut-être un début. Ou tout au moins, un geste.

L'Italie dépose une plainte formelle auprès des Émirats de Belgique, après les arrestations lors de la manifestation du 11 septembre contre l'islamisation de l'Europe.

La police belge — qui, comme le reste des forces de l'ordre en Europe ne montre ses muscles que contre ceux qui ne ripostent pas — a malencontreusement arrêté Mario Borghezio, un membre italien du Parlement Européen qui protestait contre la décision du conseil municipal de Bruxelles d'interdire le rassemblement.

D'après certaines de mes sources, le parti Socialiste détient 17 sièges sur les 47 du conseil municipal; sur ces 17, 10 sont musulmans.

Mais bien évidemment ce n'est probablement qu'une coïncidence, et ces musulmans n'ont rien à voir avec la religion.



In this weird global war that so often tries to hide its name and nature, I frequently end up defining "free people" along a broad line that echoes Irish Nationalists during the first World Ward. Thus, unless you see America's difficulty as your opportunity, you're - broadly - on the right side of the drift, even if you're not as pro-American as I am. For all of us therefore, September 11 should be a day of grieving and remembrance — unless, again, you see the violent slaughter of nearly 3,000 non-combatants (many of whom were not even American nationals) by a bunch of lowlifes whose only achievement was to memorize and recite verses of the Koran, as a globally appreciable perspective.

While our thoughts today should rightly go to those of us who lost a wife or a husband, a father or a mother, a daughter or a son that day, I believe it should also be a day of renewed calls to step-up the defensive war into which Muslims have, yet again, forced us - and I find rather fitting that General Petraeus' testimony began yesterday, and will continue tomorrow. Defensive is fine, but it's more than time we see some offensive.

It should also be a day to reassert the superiority of Judeo-Christian civilization over the fatally flawed and ultimately failed Islamic one - and if what I've just wrote shocks you even in the slightest, then you obviously were not paying attention to the last 1,500 years. You're missing something, Pal.

I was hoping that the return of zombie bin Laden would provide me with enough material for that, but it seems that the masters pulling the string of this video puppet have succumbed to the same mental disease as some of our most prominent Idiotarians, and this new opus in the Sheik Osama the Caveman series is a painfully preposterous hodgepodge of simplistic Islamo-Leftist drivel — so much so that if I was Al Gore I would be quite embarrassed by now and would never dare to utter the words "global warming" again, by fear of the ridicule.

Yet even before he fell to such depth of sheer stupidity, bin Laden was hardly cleverer. I've frequently wondered how he could be stupid enough — and incredibly ignorant of History — to think he could take just one big shot at Western civilians and interests — and not just any Western nation with that, but the most powerful one — and believe we would all bow into submission and beg for mercy. I suspect he's been watching and listening too much Western media and pundits, was induced to see a deceptive façade of weakness and decadence and ultimately fooled himself as a result; Well, what do you know? Maybe our biased media played its part, albeit involuntarily, in the reverse psychology department.

Now this war doesn't start or end with bin Laden of course; however if any of the following turbaned talking head is representative of the rest, Islamic ignorance of History and of the true nature of the West is equally shared among our enemies — which, I hasten to add, is a very good thing indeed.

In their confused mix of Zionist conspiracy and war-for-oil theories, we can extract an awfully familiar rhetoric for whoever has even a basic knowledge of hostile Western encounters with non-Western and anti-Western cultures — and of the consistent outcome.
If the Bab Al-Mandab straits are closed, America will be over and done with. They cannot exist without their life artery, which is oil. The battle will not be just in Darfur, like the president of Sudan said. It will be throughout Sudan. 15% of the American oil comes from West Africa. The mujahideen are deployed throughout Africa. They should take it into consideration. They will meet their death and destruction in Sudan. They will not come to an end in Iraq. Their annihilation will be in Sudan.

Sudan has mountains and plains. It is the most beautiful place in which our sheik, Bin Laden, can operate.[...]

(Allah Akbar. Allah Akbar.)

let's use [Bin Laden] to scare them. By Allah, they are terrified of him. Aren't they terrified of him? He is destroying them. He was here once – let's bring him again. He will come.[...]

They have a tank called Abrams. By Allah, we have a remedy for this tank, which will make it melt. The tank will melt. Allah Akbar.[...]

Those scum bags want to play with us? They want to come to the children of Darfur? The children of Darfur will eat them alive. By Allah, there are some ferocious tribes there. They call them Janjaweed, and they want to attack them. There is a tribe called "Al-Masiriya." Are they men or not? By Allah, when we ride horses and make these battle cries... By Allah, the infidels die of fear. They die of fear.[...]

I don't want to go on, brothers. We have done talking. Let them do the talking – the Americans, the British, and NATO, who covet the Sudanese oil, and minerals of Darfur and Moya, and who look for uranium, and want to... By Allah, we don't care about any of this. All we want is to die for the sake of Allah. Just a bullet here – and you are gone. Let them come – by Allah, we will teach them a lesson.

Whenever I hear this kind of empty Allah bragging and saber rattling, quite typical of the Arabo-Muslim world, it reminds me of the Aztecs. And the Persian empire. And the Soviets, the Ottomans, the Nazis, Imperial Japan and the Zulus. It reminds me of Nikita Khrushchev, Abd ar-Rahman, Ali Pasha and Saddam Hussein. All those who thought they could look at free Westerners, be they Spaniards, British, Americans, and at times even French and think "We will bury you" — but ultimately were all buried by us. All those braggarts who thought that just because they had sheer numbers, religious fanaticism or radical ideology on their side, they could overwhelm and defeat us in a snap — and then learned the hard and definitive way that whatever the quantity, their imperial armies, holy warriors or brainwashed troops were no match for our citizen-soldiers, be they Hoplites, Redcoats, Conquistadores, Marines or Legionnaires.

Brother By Allah over there, and bin Laden before him, is making the same mistake. Like the Marxists, who thought wrongly that History was on someone's side (and their own, just to be wrong twice), he fails to see what we've known for centuries: that History is on the side of whoever is making it. We know that because for the last 2,500 years, History was made by us, the free, democratic, individualist and capitalist Judeo-Christian societies who trace their heritage back to Rome and Ancient Greece.

We invented individual freedom, secured private property and developed scientific enquiry free from religious constraint, upon which we created an economic system, Capitalism, that makes us individually more wealthy and collectively more powerful and resilient than any other caliphate, dictatorship, empire or People's Republic in History.

We're still here to tell the story. They're done for.

We can project Western power anywhere in the world, and we've been doing so from Alexander to Petraeus. No matter how misguided, even a weakened French military has boots and wheels on the ground - for instance, and unilaterally mind you - in Ivory Coast at this very moment; By Allah, wake me up when you spot U.S.S. Mahomet off the shore of Coney Island, when the Taliban Task Force lands at Omaha Beach, or when the Janjaweed Bomber Command flies missions over London.

After bin Laden's attack on America, George Bush went about his business in the White House and moved freely around the world; after America's counter-attack on Afghanistan, bin Laden went hiding in a cave. Saddam Hussein found himself a hole in the ground. Americans, Australians, Canadians and other Western militaries are based and taking down "mighty" mujahedeen in Dar al-Islam by the thousands, yet there is no Islamic Green Zone in Washington, Ottawa or Canberra(1). In 1967, tiny Israel took back Jerusalem in less time than it took God to finish his whole Creation business and have a Sunday nap, while defeating the entire "mighty" Arab armies single handedly in the process. By Allah, who is teaching lessons to whom again?

When we lose battles — and yes, we sometimes lose battles — it is more often than not the result of wavering politicians or incompetent generals, and very rarely the inability of our armies - particularly in the face of ragtag guerillas and turban-clad terrorists. The very nature of our societies and of our economy means that we can — and do — change the politicians and decommission the incompetents in order to achieve the common goal: annihilating any threat and enemy of our welfare and survival. As a result, and unlike many of our adversaries, we never go down on a single defeat. Bin Laden is only the last in a long line of economic dunces, their minds filled with Marxist fallacies, who thought they could bring down our vast sophisticated and decentralized Capitalist economies in one shot. Ludicrous, simply ludicrous.

Even when we lose a battle, we've never lost a war until the war was truly and indubitably lost(2). You beat us with a stick; we come back with a knife. You beat us with a gun; we invent the Atom bomb and wipe out a couple of your cities. And while we're on the subject of weapon, Brother By Allah should be slightly worried at the idea that the weapons he is using were invented, produced and distributed by us — or by our Soviet or Chinese copycats — and that he's always several steps behind us when it comes to fire superiority: we are the ones who invent, improve and mass produce the latest and greatest killing machines — and even the aforementioned copycats are just waiting in line to snatch the blueprints, before they can sell them to good-for-nothing Islamic holy warriors at the bottom end.

But weapon superiority is just the beginning of the story, and — as so many foes of the West discovered to their brutally short-lived surprise — our weapons are not much without the men who use them: Napoleon Bonaparte, another deviant thug the free(r) West ultimately squashed, used to say that "There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the long run the sword will always be conquered by the spirit."

What Imperator Bony got wrong, and what earned him a lifelong vacation on a remote island, was that free Judeo-Christian societies and their civic militaries have got both the spirit and the sword. Oh, and the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber.

We invented and perfected the military doctrine of Total War, and with full support from the citizenry, we fielded the most lethal armies throughout History — to the point where the only serious foe for any Western army was — and remains — another Western army, or a Western equipped and inspired one (though only for a short time; ask Imperial Japan). We pushed the concept of shock battles all the way to abject ends, and in so doing we slaughtered thousands of non-Westerners in distant wars and millions of our own in intra-Western conflicts. By Allah-la-la, their "ferocious tribes" may ride and "make these battle cries", but they're not worth their own horses' dung when compared to any of the Western soldiers who fought on both sides in Shiloh or went over the top in the Battle of the Somme: show me the Islamic Verdun, and we'll talk about courage and ultimate sacrifice.

Truth is, Jihadis don't know the beginning of warfare and mass killing. We do, and we do it better than anyone else.

As Brother By Allah was talking about horses and tanks, it reminded me of my grand-father who, rather unfortunately, found himself and his regiment in the way of Guderian's tanks in Sedan, by the summer of 1940 — now the Nazis, here's another bunch of Westerners loosing it and falling for anti-Judeo-Christian self-hatred.

Still, unlike all the French politicians and most of the French army's chain of command, Grand Pa's unit decided to make a stand, and at least try to put some kind of a fight.

The Germans were in their tanks.

The French charged them. On their horses. Sabre au clair.

While tactically vain of course, what's always interested me here is the motivation. They didn't ride their horses to battle against armored vehicles in a self-destructive commitment to "die for the sake of Allah" (or any other supreme being for that matter), they did it in the name of what they cherished the most: their lives, their properties and those of the fellow men fighting next to them; and they knew it was their responsibility and their privilege to defend them — with their lives, if it had to come to that. But ultimately, it was about survival, not suicide.

Were they different from the millions of Western soldiers who came before them and would come after them? Not in the slightest, for such a display of courage and discipline is indeed the trademark of the West's rank-and-file, and ensured crushing victories and the resilience of Western civilization, more often than not in the face of a numerically superior foe.

Throughout history, free Western nations and their armies wiped every non-Western or anti-Western adversary they faced, or transformed and neutralized them completely. What makes you think that the current conflict should be different? As America in particular and the Anglo-Saxon world at large are engaged in another of these decisive encounters, and even if Europe is currently closer to the abyss than she ever was, I submit that before this is over this last chapter in the centuries old struggle of the West against Islamic imperialism will certainly be just that: the last one — and hopefully, the end of Islam.

We've not started the real fighting yet, and bear in mind that we invented and perfected the concept of war of annihilation: once we've started, we don't stop — So Brother By Allah, you and all your Jihadist brothers have got it all wrong. I suggest that before you push the West into full warring gear, you listen to the ghosts of Darius, Montezuma, Hitler or even Saddam, and think hard on the one true question:

Do you really want to play with us, scumbag?



9 years, 1 Month, 3 weeks, 3 days, 16 hours, 4 minutes ago...

When in Venice…
Print × Imprimerthe dissident frogman • Wednesday, September 05, 2007 · 2225 zulu time.pdf

Richard Gere: "Is that a maxim in my pocket, or am I just happy to see you?

… Do as the Capocomico does.
VENICE, Italy (AP) - Richard Gere and Charlize Theron added their voices to a chorus of stars taking swipes at the Bush administration at the Venice Film Festival. "How did we elect Bush twice?" Gere asked rhetorically (…)

"What's interesting to me is how do the bad people among us end up our leaders?" the 58-year-old actor said at a news conference Monday.

Oh Dear. Coming from a moving pictures muppet such as Dick the Gigolo here, that's mighty rich. Rich as a Beverly Hillbilly, no less.

"Still, can you beat that Diss?" sez the motley crowd that form my beloved audience? "Yah, you betcha Yah", sez the Me.

Let's study in detail this profound aphorism from the great 21st century philosopher Richard Gere:
"How did we elect Bush twice?"

By voting for him. Twice. Democracy, majority rule, consent of the governed, free and fair elections, equality before the law, political pluralism, and [expletive omitted for the sake of the lovelies in the audience] Dude.

If Dick the Deep Thinker feels he still has to ask such a - rhetorical, mind you - question circa 2007, then we can reasonably deduce that the Richard Gere School of Thinking Very Hard With The Inside Of Richard Gere's Head belongs either under Authoritarianism or Idiotarianism.

Possibly both.

Which, and I digress, is very surprising indeed. Considering the little I know about Richard Gere, through the little tabloids I've read, I would have thought his philosophy, like the rest of the Californian Celluloid Stick Figures was (very) limited to, I don't know, Clitoridianism(1). But I suppose Hollywood actors, when they get close to 60, are bound to discover that one can think with his head too. At least some of them.
"What's interesting to me is how do the bad people among us end up our leaders?"

Ah, interesting — though no very kind to Nancy Pelosi — but what's interesting to me is how do we let all sorts of dropouts, magic dusters and nymphos turned buffoons and jesters on silver screens, whose only talent is to learn tricks and Sit! Quiet! Fetch! at the guy behind the camera's order, think they can claim the moral high ground and lecture us?

I wouldn't let my dog patronize me like that, and I'm sure he can fetch better and faster than Richard Gere. But then, it didn't take my dog 60 years to figure out how to use his brain.

Oh and, forgive my enduring lack of interest for the latest Bimbo Race Championship, but can anybody tell me who the screaming hell is Charlize Theron?

Nevermind, that was asked rhetorically, in a very Richard Gerian fashion. I don't give a flying [expletive omitted for the sake of the lovelies in the audience] about who she is.

Many thanks to my nearly-Adoptive Mom — whom I love just the same nevertheless — Valerie from Texas, for slapping the back of my head and pointing me at the great Bob Parks report and take on the last lecture in Hollywood Philosophy.



9 years, 1 Month, 3 weeks, 5 days, 5 hours, 35 minutes ago...

I, King of the World
Print × Imprimerthe dissident frogman • Tuesday, September 04, 2007 · 0854 zulu time.pdf

Sorry for using a lousy quote from a lousy actor in a lousy movie as a title, but it does capture the general mood, here in the decompression chamber.

Not only do I have outstandingly steadfast readers — I'm glad to call you all friends — who didn't give up on me despite a long hiatus, not only am I at the sweet and coveted receiving end of many a Southern Belle's attention, who either pick me as their champion, or blow air kisses at me, now one of America's best, veteran OldRustyKnight, wrote a poem on the dissident frogman.

I can't tell you how deeply moved and honored I am, so I'll just let the warrior-poet speak:

"the Frogman"
(a dissident)

cji, 9/1/07

A voice to be read
sometimes heard
words to be said
annoying the herd;

Coming forth truth
dissembled press
trying to reach youth
to avoid lies mess;

The Frogman found
a dissident voice
a message sound
giving all a choice!

Words and picture by cji - copyright © 2007

Now if you please, let's have a standing ovation for OldRustyKnight, while I'll just go and die content.



9 years, 1 Month, 3 weeks, 5 days, 23 hours, 37 minutes ago...

The French Presidents MCQ
Print × Imprimerthe dissident frogman • Monday, September 03, 2007 · 1452 zulu time.pdf

Test your knowledge of past and current French Presidents by filling the blanks in this short extract of a U.S authored History of America's disastrous relationship with France:
"(…) in [A] he ([B]) was finally elected to succeed the retiring [C]. In America, there was some hope that he would become a French version of Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher and revive a moribund economy (…)"

Select the right answer:
1: 1995
2: 2007

1: Chirac
2: Sarkozy

1: Mitterrand
2: Chirac

ANSWERS: A: both B: both C: both.

Yeah, I have a couple of reasons for being highly skeptical and cynical about Sarkozy. I mean a truckload.
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