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Agence France Press does not know the basics of ballistic

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Looks like Starbucks "Instilling environmental responsibility as a corporate value" and "corporate social responsibility" finally brings in great benefits — to Dunkin' Donuts and McDonald's.

Can't say I'm sorry. Oh and "Fair Trade" coffee is a sham, you know.

I expect riots in the Chelsea / South Kensington / Islington area over the upcoming shortage of diuretics supplies:
Shops closures see Starbucks loss

Starbucks has seen its first quarterly net loss in more than 15 years - blaming costs linked to closing about 600 of its underperforming stores.
Dissident Frogman to Starbucks Command: you can't go about on a corporate policy that smiles upon shallow neo-Marxist slogans such as "People Not Profit", and then blame the people for your loss of profits.



Which Jesus who teach you?

I could use my system's automatic closing of the comment form on older entries, but then we would miss some good opportunities to have fun with disgruntled webizens who, having search-engineered their ways (presumably) to something like "Kaaba + wallpapers" and "Mujahideen + photoshop" end up on my very own GIEDs, that often result in severe disappointment and distress for the Faithful.

Which is, after all, their exact purpose.

Take for instance "Ur Uncle" below (probably not is real name) whose IP address [] belongs to the pool of Telenor Pakistan, 15th Floor, Saudi Pak Tower, Jinnah Avenue Islamabad. He gives us an entertaining, if not enlightening, glimpse at Islamic culture and mythology:

Who ever uploaded that fake pic.. of Kaba.

I assume you mean that fake pic of Kaba(sic). Yeah, that would be me. And I did more than just upload it: I made it with my human hands.

He is a kuttaa. U know wt is kutta... who;s mother is fucked by a dog, infact she is a bitch and fucked by some awara pagal dog. U know wt I mean ....

So Muslims have a specific noun for the (biologically improbable) offspring of a woman and a dog? Fascinating culture! Could you elaborate a bit on which kind of historical event or societal practice might be the origin of such a semantic enrichment of your civilization's vocabulary?

Aside from that, I suppose I know some of the things you mean, yes. For instance, I know that better my mother be a bitch than a Muslim. Bitches make far more caring mothers. They only devour their own progeny exceptionally, whereas Muslim mothers strapping their younglings with Semtex and sending them to their suicidal death and bloody murder are kept in high esteem by many devout followers of Islam. It's easy to tell who's the real animal here, don't you think?

By the same merit, I’d rather my Dad be a dog than an Imam, a Mullah or an Ayatollah.

I also notice that the SMS method of learning English (U know wt I mean!) seems to be making great progress among Pakistani Islamic rage boys, which is good. I mean, considering that Western weaponry manuals — from the basic rifle to the DIY A-Bomb — are usually written in proper English, I'm quite happy with these dudes remaining (hardly) half literate.

So Never yell n mess with this again... U kuttaaay

As Bill, a man who unlike you had quite a knack for proper English, used to say “Thou call'st me dog before thou hadst a cause, But since I am a dog, beware my fangs” — "messing with this again", I have already. And messing with this again, I will without a doubt.

And now our next disgruntled Moslem courtesy of the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation, Indonesia. Brought to us through the broadband pipes of Telkom Indonesia, Menara Multimedia Lt. 7, Jl. Kebonsirih No.12, Jakarta — surfing from his/her [] IP address — this one calls himself "Snoopy"1.

Snoopy the Muslim found out that I doubt and deride Mujahideen muppets' abilities for Photoshop-warfare, and therefore proceeds to provide strategic advice, theological controversy, tortured syntax and a brilliant example of how cultural differences can inadvertently disable the climax of a carefully crafted Engrish rant:

I don't think what you publish right here is not right! Your under estimate moslem, if you and your idiot companion are a tought guy, get and go to find 'em, fight 'em, and i just sitting here write the paper, and the news said the idiot people some kind like you is dead tragictly and painly. Maybe you should hang your head and start learn more about etics of religion. Which Jesus who teach you? Tell me....

Hello Snoopy the Muslim, and thank you for your comment.

Your flexible use of English syntax and creative vocabulary remind me of someone. Are you an Islamic schrolar by any chance?


You seem to share with your coreligionist a disturbing obsession with sexual intercourse involving one's female genitor. If once is a freak accident, I'm afraid twice is the beginning of a statistic — particularly when it's consistent with the observation that one of the main problems with these unfortunate votaries under the dreadful curses of Mohammedanism (W. Churchill) is the males' inaptitude to have normal relationships with females (of all species, apparently).

Here's a thought: perhaps Barack Hussein Obama should go the extra mile on his much vaunted disengage strategy, and replace all the Marines and G.Is he pretends to bring home (if/when elected POTUS by the French and the Germans) by an army of shrinks.


Well... Yeah. And your point is?

Oh, ok. I get the idea. It's one of those "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" thing. Or in this instance "one man's penultimate abuse is another man's praise". The multiculturalist in me is reeling. Let's celebrate diversity:

Dear Snoopy the Muslim, most of my fellow Infidels are indeed enthusiastic and unrepentant pig eaters; a certain number of them however, to which I belong, are actually more than that. We are professional and devoted — some would say fanatical, and you couldn't blame them — pig eaters.

See, your average Infidel just hit the next supermarket or butcher shop to get his yummy piece of pork.

That's not enough for those like me.

We go where the hogs roam free, we search and follow them, we watch for their tracks and probe their wallows. We seek them from dusk til dawn in the freezing cold Western winters, teaming with packs of dogs whom we regard as friends and family. And that's not just the men and the dogs, dear Snoopy the Muslim, for there are even women among us, women we treat as equals.

And upon the cunning, clever and mighty Pig, who can outsmart our dogs and dodge our bullets, we bestow a mythical, nearly magical stand.

We hunt and we kill the Pigs. Then we gut and dress It with our bare hands. And when it's over we keep our trophies but share the pig's meat while the dogs have their rest; and we have the drinks and the laughs with the women (Haraam2 in bold).

Yep, come to think of it, hunting wild boars in early 21st century France is the most anti-Islamic expansionism statement you can make and fun you can have with all your clothes on, and without hurting anyone3.



CPT J in Bagram, Afghanistan, telling Blackfive about Senator Hussein Obama's basketball photo-op in (or around) the foxholes:
I swear we got more thanks from the NBA Basketball Players or the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders than from one of the Senators, who wants to be the President of the United States.

Read the whole thing. It bears at least two questions:
  1. Does B Hussein O really believe this kind of disgraceful behavior in remote war zones can go unnoticed in this day and age?
  2. Will we soon have to take the prize of Worst U.S. President away from Jimmy Carter, leaving him only a vulgar1 Nobel Peace prize?



And by the way a "pajama" is originally a Persian garment. I will not have this. I sleep naked like a true Spartan, and put some bloody clothes on when I write.

Glad to let you know that I have a small piece up at Pajamas Media:

Sarkozy’s Failures Hidden Under a Burka (not my title)

Controversies surrounding Muslims conveniently distract attention from the French president's unkept promises. (not my pitch)

But the article is—mostly—mine.

Why the caveats? Because I have had An Editor editing my numerous abuses of the English language prose, which never happens here, where you get the stuff raw and just have to chew on it as best as you can.

S/He/They did a good job though. Of course, as the author I felt like there were too many things edited out ("Oh not this! Hey why that? And that was funny, why why why not keep that?!") but then:

– I'm the guy who delivered a copy that was nearly 1/3rd longer than what they asked, and
– As the regular guests here know too well, I have a hard tendency to send the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level through the roof.

So even if that doesn't sound totally like me, that's cool by me.
Content de vous informer que j'ai un "papier" en ligne chez Pajamas Media :

Sarkozy’s Failures Hidden Under a Burka (pas mon titre)

Controversies surrounding Muslims conveniently distract attention from the French president's unkept promises. (pas mon pitch)

Mais l'article est—globalement—de moi.

Pourquoi ces avertissements ? Parce que j'ai bénéficié d'Un Éditeur pour éditer mes nombreuses atteintes à la langue anglaise ma prose, ce qui n'arrive jamais ici où vous vous prenez le truc tout crû et devez vous débrouiller de le mâchouiller tout seul.

Ils/Elles ont fait du bon boulot cela dit. Même si, en tant qu'auteur, j'ai tendance à penser qu'ils avaient trop dégraissé le truc ("Oh non, pas ça ! Et pourquoi ça ? Ben nan, ça c'était drôle, pourquoi pas le garder ?!") mais bon :

– Le type qui a livré un texte un bon tiers plus long que ce qui était demandé, c'est ma pomme, et
– Comme tous les habitués ici peuvent le confirmer, j'ai une certain tendance à exploser le Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level.

Alors bon, même si ça sonne pas totalement comme du moi, c'est cool pour moi.



8 years, 3 months, 1 week, 1 Day, 19 hours, 36 minutes ago...

Liturgies of Death
Print × Imprimerthe dissident frogman • Tuesday, July 15, 2008 · 1458 zulu time.pdf

I gave you Georges Gusdorf and his comparative history of the American and French revolutions1 on the 4th of July, so a second helping for Bastille Day seems appropriate—a day late though, for reasons totally unrelated to any sort of celebration of this disgraceful historical event.

Taken and translated from Chapter VII, Les Etats-Unis et la Révolution Française ("The United States and the French Revolution")

1789 is a bout of delirium (...). The triumphant Revolution sees no limits to a new beginning, in the apocalyptical atmosphere of the [revolutionary] Journées ("Days") where everything is possible, and the inconceivable becomes reality. The old, massive Bastille falls upon the first blow. The edifice rotten from within; a few pushes were enough to bring down this paper tiger. The revolutionary leaders realize that they hold the magic power to erase and recreate the world. With an astounding speed, and facing no resistance, they learn how to turn their aspirations into law. Intoxication by unchecked power brings abusive power and tyranny.


On July the 14th, the fall of the Bastille symbolizes that of the regime at the hand of a popular authority replacing the King's and the government's (...) The revolution snowballs under the weight of this logic of the absurd called Terror by its instigators. Under the horrified eyes of the Occident, the killing machine exterminates men and communities whole; those who initiated [the Terror], soon falling under its wheels, relinquish their lives to the sanguinary Nemesis. When even the most ruthless amongst the killers, Robespierre and his friends, get sent to the guillotine, they hardly defend themselves [for] if the guillotine is the symbol and the consumption of democracy, the convicts are therefore already wrong. (...) The survivors among the terrorists [eventually] adjure an energetic soldier [Napoleon Bonaparte—DF] to save them from themselves, by putting an end to the inextricable fatality of self-extermination.


Through some sort of collective hysteria, the Revolution of Human Rights became the contrary of what she pretended to be. (...) The motherland's altar turned into a killing machine; no reasonable argumentation could possibly justify la Terreur ("The Terror")

Gusdorf continues, bringing an eerie analogy (considering he wrote these words in the late 80s) that resonates loud and clear in today's context:

Revolution is a modern form of holy war—perpetuated nowadays by Islamic Jihad2, a mix of revolution and crusade. It doesn't seem that these liturgies of death, such as they are under the influence of a rabies theologica, whichever it may be, can contribute to the progress of human spirit and civilization.

I don't know about you, but I believe this reference to Islamic Jihad as an illustration of the nefarious nature of the French revolution and its brainchild—Terror, as a political mean to establish an absolutist new order of society—by a French thinker back in 1988 should give a moment of pause to a lot of people who pretend to explain the "root causes" of the latest wave of Islamic terrorism through various preposterous reasons, ranging from the stupid to the disgustingly self-critical.

Gusdorf goes on, and slightly touches on some of the most famous—and genuine—legacies of the French Revolution:

One finds hard to understand how the champions of legal safety and respect of the law could turn into angels exterminators, vowing to death, without judgment or after a parody of judgment, a huge number of "suspects" of all kind. Replacing the divine right of the king, the divine right of the people begets a sacred fury that feeds upon itself. The instinct of death runs wild in the politicians' and the pamphleteers' addresses, (and) in the bloodthirsty orders given to the representatives and generals tasked with the repression of the insurgent provinces. Revolutionary justice is worse than the infamous dragonnades directed by Louis the XIVth against irreducible Protestants [the Huguenots, many of whom, choosing exile rather than death, would make far happier citizens of Great-Britain and yet-to-be-born United States—DF]. The policy is that of the scorched earth, and the order of the day slaughter of the population by the sword. The destruction of Oradour by Hitler's SS, and the massacre of its 600 inhabitants are legitimately considered a barbaric crime against mankind. In Vendée, in Brittany, Lyon, in the South-East of France and elsewhere, the executive orders of the Convention resulted in hundreds of Oradour—French against French (...) Hitler, at least, was coherent with himself and enforcing his doctrine; the revolutionary philanthropists professed their love for Mankind while acting as the executioners of their own people, following this logique de l'absurde that finds another contemporary illustration in Stalin.

In 1794, even though the Republic is facing no credible threat anymore—foreign or domestic—and the "peasants army" of the Vendée has been crushed by the Revolution the year before, the Convention orders its Colonnes Infernales ("Infernal Columns") to tore through Vendée and, quote, "exterminate the people of Vendée", "cleanse the soil of Liberty from this accursed race" and "destroy the Vendée". Turreau himself, the commander of the Infernal Columns, proclaims that the "Vendée must become a national cemetery"—the resulting and undiscriminating exactions and carnage against a largely submissive population of men and women, children and elders, by the armies of the young French Republic is on par with, and announces the modern days systematic massacres at the hand of all totalitarian regimes from Lenin's Soviet Union to Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

Yet beyond Vendée, and as Gusdorf briefly mentions, it is a larger part of France—far larger than what the official line on the French revolution3 want you to believe—that found itself on the receiving end of the new central regime's insane violence; for alongside the simplistic concepts of Left and Right in politics, the French revolution is also the cradle of Terrorism—quite literally—and Genocide, in its most modern and ideologically charged meaning.

That explains why, despite the headlines of most news outlets around the world, I do not see anything "controversial" in Nicolas Sarkozy's choice of Bashar al-Assad as special guest of the 14th of July parade this year: having the head of a terrorist State celebrating the birth of the motherland of State Terrorism seems rather appropriate, actually.

That also explain why I never celebrate Bastille day, and why you're getting this 14th of July entry on the 15th—take my silence on the 14th as a sign of respect to the hundreds of thousands of my fellow citizens, slaughtered by the French Republic in the name of Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité.

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