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Agence France Press does not know the basics of ballistic

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I feel like slapping a Leprechaun right now.

Here is an important book on a very serious matter. The French on the cover translates as: "My fundamental rights within the European Union" and that is indeed what this book is about. It is the "Charter of Fundamental Rights in the European Union", as devised in December 2007 in Strasbourg by the European Commission, General Direction ("Justice, Liberty and Security") just so you know it is very important indeed, okay?

Now for perspective, here is the same book next to a wooden stick coated at one end with potassium chlorate, a little sulfur and starch, a bit of ZnO or perhaps CaCO3, 20-40% of siliceous filler plus diatomite and glue.

Also called a safety match.

Sometimes, I just don't know if I should laugh or cry or put on big huge security shoes and go stomp and kick fluffy bunnies frolicking in the daffodils.

It's the European Union. It does that to you.



If that's not a vicious attack on human dignity, I don't know what is:
“If Sarah Palin isn’t enough of a reason for you to get over whatever your problem is with Barack Obama, then you damn well had better pay attention,” Rep. Alcee Hastings of Florida said at a panel about the shared agenda of Jewish and African-American Democrats Wednesday. Hastings, who is African-American, was explaining what he intended to tell his Jewish constituents about the presidential race. “Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. So, you just think this through,” Hastings added as the room erupted in laughter and applause.
So let's sneer a bit: this black guy is in effect telling his audience that Jews and blacks are like, you know, animals and all.

And they applaud him.

Either that, or he is claiming this as Sarah Palin's position on The Toting of Guns And Other Practical Uses of The Boomstick. That would be defamatory for a start but then again: defamation is the very least you can expect from a Democrat.

It is also particularly stupid, and denotes the man's singular ignorance of what guns and hunting are all about: I mean does Alcee Hastings seriously expect the sane people in the audience to believe that in addition to moose, Sarah Palin also has a taste for Jew burger and black burger?

Yeah, stupid only comes second in the short list of what one can reasonably expect from a Democrat.

In addition to that, considering that nothing in Sarah Palin's deeds and pledges ever hinted at her intention or dedication to have subarctic Jews and black hunting safaris (and, perhaps, redecorate the Oval Office's walls with her trophies) then we can only conclude that Alcee Hastings' appalling paranoid rant is nothing more than plain old projection—and one that adds the third pillar to his address to that so-called "panel about the shared agenda of Jewish and African-American Democrats", and perhaps his own character as well:

Defamatory, stupid, and vicious.

Or maybe I'm just being nasty with poor old Alcee, and he just meant to say that since Sarah Palin holds her rank in the food chain, then poor old Alcee logically deduces that she won't be very nice to Jews and blacks. Or something.

For Alcee Hastings and his Merry Band of Applauding Morons that may sound logical—but for the rest of us that's non sequitur at its finest.

While only slightly less vicious and defamatory, it does proceed logically from stupid.



Think the subprime crisis was bad? Wait til you've seen financial Jihad.

Our Iwo Gina Early Warning System sounds the alarm: Wall Street, what's next?. Bits and pieces just to arouse and aggravate you enough to go there and read it all:
Tragically, in the process of leaping out of the scalding subprime frying pan, Wall Street is heading directly into a fire that promises, if anything, to be more devastating than the present disaster. Incredibly, it bears all the hallmarks of subprime with respect to a lack of transparency, a systematic failure to disclose and an utter absence of due diligence, good governance and accountability. The next "what" is called Shariah-Compliant Finance (SCF). (...) Like subprime, it is a black box, in which management and investors alike are told to trust in the experts. In this case, the experts are Shariah authorities who are accorded exclusive responsibility for determining whether investments are "pure" (halal) and therefore acceptable, or "impure" (haram) and not. (...)

[...] these authorities are, unsurprisingly, adherents to Shariah. A number of them explicitly embrace its call to jihad (including a former senior member of the Dow Jones Islamic Index, Sheik Taqi Usmani). This "holy war" is to be waged where possible through violent means, where necessary through "soft" means like Shariah-Compliant Finance. For this reason, such Islamists call SCF "financial jihad."


David Yerushalmi, a litigator specializing in securities law and an expert on Shariah, produced a riveting legal memorandum (...) examining the civil and criminal exposure inherent in Shariah-Compliant Finance [Acrobat PDF — DF]. His conclusion: banks and investment houses offering SCF products may be enabling or engaging in the following: racketeering, antitrust activity, securities fraud, consumer fraud and/or material support for terror.

What makes Shariah-Compliant Finance even more dangerous than subprime is that, in its effort to legitimize and institutionalize Shariah in America, it is advancing a criminal conspiracy whose purpose is the violent overthrow of the United States Constitution and government in favor of Islamic rule. That would make it sedition.
Read it all and start thinking about options and measures to take.

This is potentially far more dangerous for America than a few scumbags crossing the border to take one way flight lessons.

Don't let that happen.

Notice: we ask for our readers' indulgence, but due to stretchy pants this picture wasn't taken this morning.

Top cool things about this morning’s 6:00 AM run-in-the-woods routine: starting up under a full moon at an unexpectedly cold predawn hour—Autumn is definitely coming here—and going as the sun slowly rises up in the same crystal clear sky.

Top annoying things about this morning’s 6:00 AM run-in-the-woods routine: spotting a couple of utterly tranquil roe deer in the early morning mist watching me unalarmed, THUS feeling a bit miffed that I couldn’t pack a camera in my (stretchy) running pants.

Or a rifle, for that matter.

Ah yes, perhaps you’re wondering. Indeed, unlike your average practical caveman I do happen to run regularly, even when I do not have a foe to flee or a female to chase1. There is some pretty nasty merde coming down our way in France—perhaps even on the rest of Old Europe—ranging from increasingly violent social unrest to full scale civil war. That’s a given, considering the fetid mix of dominant and disastrous Left and Far-Left politics and parties, the resulting Far-Right rising to the opportunity of feeding on Gallic aborigines’ discontent and fuel their larvated racial prejudices, and the hordes of young French Jihad trainees who will come of age in the next 10 years.

Although there is no way of telling exactly who, what, and when the merde will hit the fan, I know that either the lone rifleman’s Shoot-and-Relocate Power Combo and the team based Fire & Maneuver moves can’t accommodate short-breathed players.

Anybody foolish enough to go soft and complacent these days is like that majority of 1936 French who wouldn’t let the goose-stepping sounds over the German border spoil the Popular Front Party, and distract them from their newly acquired “paid vacations” when it was already obvious that the time for fun, games and welfare benefits had passed.



Ach so?
During his time in the Syrian capital, Sarkozy sat down with Lebanese daily newspaper Al-Akhbar, which quoted the French leader as saying that Paris "does not view Hizballah as a terror organization, rather it appreciates its opposition to occupation, as France has faced a similar experience in the past."
Okay, the Al-Akhbar Lebanese daily seems to be nothing more than Hizballah's unofficial press organ, so I will grant such a dubious source (yeah, I am being polite here. Enjoy while it lasts) as much credibility as I give any French daily such as Le Monde or Liberation.

I now, that's harsh, but after all they are Hizballah's mouthpiece so they shall expect decent people to treat them as lying thugs.

So when it comes to Sarko Two Face, it's probably not the point where I say "See? I told you so"—though I did tell you so, you know. Just for the record and all.

However, I'm not totally stupid or forgetful of the past, well, 200 years+ of French history and foreign policy, and particularly not when it comes to their last and finest representative, King Nicolas Sarkozy the 1st.

Sarkozy's main obsession is his pet project of a "Mediterranean Union", by which he doesn't mean any kind of Great Olive Oil Producers' Alliance between Spain, Italy and Greece—these are already part of that other great union, the European one.

Sarkozy's Mediterranean Union is just the old French Arab Policy, as initiated by the treacherous de Gaulle, with a new name but the same old principles—or rather, lack of.

The goals remain unchanged: "restore" France's stature on the international scene1, link up with lots of Baksheesh Buddies® and make new ones, in order to secure the old French ways of doing business with the oil-rich and core-corrupt Arab world; but more importantly of all: oppose "American hegemony" (an ubiquitous term within the French political class for the last 60 years, at the very least) by all means and at all costs. Especially now that the top dawg in the Middle-East—so far France's nearly exclusive post-colonial playground—is Uncle Sam.

To that aim, Sarkozy re-empowered Muhammad Gaddafi, going so far as to provide that early rising star of Islamic terror sponsor state with nuclear technology2, a few Rafale fighter planes3, and even letting that desert snake plant his Bedouin tent in the middle of Paris, next to the French presidential palace—a symbol of power and conquest that certainly didn't go amiss among the Muhammadans.

Then there's al-Assad offered petits-fours on the taxpayers' account in Paris for the Bastille Day parade4—and Sarkozy travelling to Syria in return.

And now this.

Makes for a lot of funny coincidence; so even though nothing that comes from Hizballah can be trusted, I would watch closely what will—should—come out of l'Elysée or the Quai d'Orsay in the coming days.

Surely, if Al-Akhbar made that up, the French presidency will issue a denial.

Like, anytime now.

EDIT: 1,2,3,3—fixed the bad case of footnote cloning. All hail Boogs the Watchful for the heads-up.
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