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Agence France Press does not know the basics of ballistic

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"I used to hate you guys. I'm a vegetarian. But the deer have eaten enough of my vegetables. I want you to kill them all."
Unnamed landowner welcoming Eric Ruppert and his band of freelance deer population regulators ("hunters") in suburban Virginia.

Each year in the U.S. Bambi kills more people than all commercial airline, train and bus accident combined. Be prepared. Don't let the little f*er get YOU.

As a hunter I am, by definition, environment friendly — and practically so. It is a question of ethics, but also, and more pragmatically, simply a question of sustainability. Hunters expect to hunt more than one season, you know.

However in today's France, as, I suspect, in most corners of the economically developed though culturally degrading world, I must also be environmentalism hostile1 — and resolutely so.

Considering President Nicolas "Windbag" Sarkozy's love affair with the various branches of Gallic ecoterrorists — screwing repeatedly the so-called "hunters lobby2 — it is not just ethical, but a question of mere survival.



Quick, name the current Pwesident of Fwance whose firstname doesn't start with Jack

The one positive aspect of Barack Hussein Obama: he is not Al Gore.

... To retrocede to the current White House dweller a full capitalized initial "P" as soon as he produces a genuine and valid certificate of birth establishing his quality of natural born U.S. citizen.

Until then, I pledge to denominate him publicly and privately, in speech and in writing, ad absurdum and illico presto as Barack Hussein Obama, Resident of the United States of America[1][2].

Yeah, I know there are far more pressing issues (for one, his Obama Youth Brigades Bill is a very depressing news from America coming to this French well aware of Europe's recent totalitarian past and permanent taste for Collectivist coercion) but seriously, all he has to do to dispel any doubt is fire up the old Xerox machine and send us a copy. Shouldn't be too difficult for that allegedly super geeky dude who owns an iphone (Ooh!) and has a Twitter account (Aah!).

Say, what is your pledge?



One of the great satisfactions of running this blog — when I am indeed actively blogging — lies in the opportunities to connect and interact with so many people of various creeds and countries, all bound by the conviction that our Judeo-Christian civilization1 is so far the supreme achievement of our species, and as such worth defending against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Unfortunately, the trouble with the networking effect of blogs is that once one stops blogging, one doesn't get as much interaction as one used to. If one sees what I mean.

Another very rewarding experience with this blog is to p*** off Islamic rage boys even when I'm not actively blogging.

This is what I call the sustainable satisfaction of being the dissident frogman — like, even when I'm not because one has to earn a living and money doesn't grow on trees. Plus, sustainable is a very modern word, sure to give an edgy tone to this entry.

Anyway, let me share the satisfaction of being me even when I'm not:

"MAka" (possibly not his/her real name) (possibly not his/her real email address), with a very ominous and grammatically confused threat:
to the busty mods, you'll also get ur ass burnt, not by me..... not by any human..
Well, dear MAka, I sure wish there was a few busty mods to help around here. I mean, I'm a man's man and we're between adults, so I won't hide the fact that me likey busty2. A lot.

But unfortunately I'm all alone running this thing.

Next, "223" (definitely not his/her real name) (possibly... whatever), presumably one of those poor downtrodden worshippers of Allah in some foreign country where living standards are so low that one can't even afford a full 105 keys keyboard (let alone basic English grammar). Try to read it aloud to entertain your friends:
son of a bitch. haramy .rascal . sucker. watda fuck u hav dun wid da pic of kaaba. dnt u hav shame sucekerererer,fuck u, ur mther and aal ur family,. feel ashamed abt dis luzer. i peray to allah to get ur life coz u shud nt liv in this wrld
I'm sorry dear 223, I don't know what "haramy" is. Perhaps a distant cousin of "kutta" ?

I gather you are a bit miffed by watda fuck [I] hav dun wid da pic of kaaba. That pic of kaaba?

Da pic of kaaba! Rascal!

Well, okay, maybe I was a bit culturally insensitive with the "Holy Barbecue of Hajj" thing, but quite frankly, dear 223, what's best than cold beer and spicy pork ribs?

No, I mean after busty auxiliaries 3.

On this 1037 AD miniature from the book Jami' al-Tawarikh ("History of the World" or alternatively "Getting your ass burnt with non-humans"), Prophet Muhammad is shown sodomizing the Archangel Gabriel. Called Mi'raj or the Night Ride4, this is but one of Muhammad's documented great miracles, considering that Christian tradition is categorical: angels have no anuses.




What? It's been three months already? Well, I'll be damned... Let me collect myself and adjust to the fact that I can should now deride and despise the US President. I'm not used to it, okay?

Our own Grimmy says:


3 ticks on the land line to let us know your OP/LP is still up. This is not a request.

Funny that, Jules Crittenden was wondering just the same, not so long ago. As much as I feel a bit rude to simply do that (though admitedly not as much as leaving without warning 3 months ago. Apologies, apologies), I still can't do much more at the moment — so there you are. Not dead. Still up though obviously, ahem, not very active at the moment.

But hey, I'm working on changing that.

Well, by "change" I mean going back to the previous state of blogging. I'll risk the bet that we've all had our share of "change" lately.

Thank you for your patience, continued support and uninterrupted flow of good vibrations. There are days when I swear I can hear the music of your positive influx1, urging me to resume the operations.
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