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Agence France Press does not know the basics of ballistic

Daily archive: October 02nd, 2007



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Since I missed the auction on Fidel Castro’s beard…
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The Halliburton-Crittenden industrial-journalistic complex's war profiteering expedition 'n Iraq sounds more like picking peanuts out of poo compared to this industrious Iraqi fellow's venture. But then, he had connections.

Now, I never wear a watch(1), and as far as I'm concerned, goldy always rime with tacky. I also have a fine Swiss-steel bayonet that makes a terrific hunting dagger, so you can keep your piece of Saddamite rust, Jules.

However, if you ever consider selling the brass profile of Saddam, I have a toilet door that fits. Give me a quote.

Apart from that, I really want to know how one can hide "among [one's] personal belongings millions in souvenirs", when I've been to the US only once, and hardly managed to pack a few tee-shirts(2) in my luggage on the way back.
  1. Even though I love the object and own several, oddly enough. Plus I have my own big Australian, which is a straw hat shaped very much like a cowboy one — and not a very large fellow from down under. Granted, it has nothing to do with watches but these are my footnotes and I can talk about whatever I want. Keep to the main body of text if you have a problem with that.
  2. One FDNY (long sleeves), one Brooklyn subway station, and two NYPD. Yeah, I wore NYPD tee-shirts in France before Sarkozy, who you may remember as the copycat maggot who later ran for President. Also, I wear them with my big Australian sometimes, just to draw irritated looks from my Gallic comrades.


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