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Agence France Press does not know the basics of ballistic

Daily archive: October 17th, 2007



Mr. Not-Nearly-President, could you stop doing that thing with the finger?

Albert Arnold Gore: "One day I was invent the Internet, and then I was had the Noble Prize."
Is it just me, or this lame 1970's-pop-sci-fi lookalike piece of Art To The Greater Glory of Gore shares some eerie similitude with the products of another sectarian fantasist, whose crackpot and self-serving ideas — barely hiding his totalitarian thrive to control his fellow men — have been widely dismissed as pseudoscience and quackery?

There is a lineage and a trend here folks. These things just don't emerge by coincidence.

And I'm not prone to conspiracy theories, as a general rule.

H/T No Pasaran


Dang. I published before I put the hyperlinks in. But then, I didn't invent the Internet, so cut me some slack here will you?

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