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Agence France Press does not know the basics of ballistic



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Blessent mon cœur d’une langueur monotone
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In the mail:
FROM: Matteo S. [email removed to protect the resistant]
TO: the dissident frogman
SUBJECT: "Registration open. Update, closed". Merde!

hello Dissident Frogman,

why don't you make use of your vast influence over the higher powers of the blogosphere and make Charles Johnson keep his freaking registration open for a longer time, or at least one more suitable to people living in France and Italy? Thank you, I know you will.

Saluts a la France, from Berluskozyland!

Well, now, I'm afraid I'm far from having the kind of leverage over the "higher powers of the blogosphere" Matteo credits me with, but I certainly second his call to Charles Johnson for a wider - or more timely - window of opportunity for the European Anti-Idiotarian Division, Brigade, Battalion, Company, Platoon, Section, Squad, Fire team.

Hell, I haven't had a chance to get one of those most coveted Lizard Logins for myself so far. Merde indeed.


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