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Agence France Press does not know the basics of ballistic



Honest, I don't have the beginning of an opinion when it comes to the amount of truth in this:
'It’s hell. I can’t stand it!’ Carla Bruni reveals what Michelle Obama REALLY thinks of being First Lady
I can only guess that if your definition of Hell includes partying at the White House with money you don't have to earn and will never have to repay, when you're not hobnobbing with the nobs over a gazpacho while your Golfer in Chief of a husband is trying to fill some holes again, then yeah, Michelle must be in Hell.

That said, Sarkozy is a nasty little bugger who has shown time and again that he could hold a grudge, and who isn't going along too well with Hubby Hussein1. In this instance, he could be having a cheap swipe at Obama, through is Bobo2 of a wife — diplomacy by proxy, if you will. So maybe Michelle O' did say that, maybe she didn't. The only thing I'm quite certain when it comes to Mistress Obama is that she didn't get where she's at in life only on her good looks.

Sweet Jesus in a velvet suit, that woman is ugly as Hell.

And I'm not just speaking about her mind.

What did catch my interest and spark my amusement though is this:
[Bruni] says one term as French president ‘will be enough’ for her husband and suggests he might take tips from his friend Tony Blair: ‘Why not start making money?’
No, before you ask, it's not the "why not start making money", part that I find amusing. Particularly not the "start" bit: as if that parasite of civil society had been living so far on the minimum wage and isn't entitled to the pay and benefits of his current tenure for the rest of his life — a telling feature of French legislation indeed: make it to any seat at the level of Parliament and beyond, and as far as your paycheck is concerned, you're elected for life.

No, what I do find funny is this "one time is enough" thing. Sounds like the Bruni-Sarkozy lingo for "best way to avoid a humiliating defeat, is not to compete in the first place".

Tricky Nick pissed off so many people, left, right, front and center — and he knows it — that I can't see how he could get a second term anyway.

Even in Hell.
  1. But hey, who does?
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