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March 15, 2004

The Difference • La Différence

Fired from France by the dissident frogman

Three days ago, in the wake of what appears to be an Islamist attack on Madrid, I wrote:
« My first thoughts for Spain, at the end of this bloody day, are strictly identical to those I had for the USA in the evening of 9/11. »
Looking at the result of Sunday's elections, I have to admit, sadly, that any subsequent comparison is definitely out of question:
« Another Socialist voter, Daniel Rincon, (...) said (...), "but after the attack, getting the PP out became the top priority."

(...) "I voted for change," said (...) Cristina Algema, a journalism student. "After the attacks, I had to contribute to kicking out the PP." »
After the attacks in New York or in Bali, and after any attack in Israel, the top priority is to find the bastards who did it and "kick" their ass for good.
The top priority is not "kicking" your own kin, particularly when they happen to be those who oppose the attackers most firmly.

That makes a difference between the lion and the sheep. That makes a difference between a society endowed with vitality and a dying one.

And that's probably one of the reasons why Spain was a great power once, and why America is the great power now.

I hope Daniel and Cristina enjoy the return of the Khilafa. After all, Cristina asked for "change", right sweetheart?

I will spare them the contemptuous remark of my buddy Juan Pablo though.

He said something about cojones that, although appropriate wasn't really flattering for the Spaniards.
Il y a trois jours, au regard de ce qui semble être une attaque islamiste sur Madrid, j'écrivais :
« Mes premières pensées pour l'Espagne, au terme de cette journée sanglante sont strictement identiques à celles que j'ai eu pour les USA au soir du 11 Septembre. »
Au vu des résultats des élections de dimanche, je dois admettre malheureusement que toute comparaison subséquente est définitivement hors de propos :
« Un autre électeur Socialiste Daniel Rincon, (...) a déclaré (...), "mais après l'attaque, virer le PP est devenue la top priorité."

(...) "J'ai voté pour le changement," dit (...) Cristina Algema, étudiante en journalisme. "Après les attaques, je devais contribuer à expulser le PP." »
Après les attaques à New York ou à Bali, et après toute attaque en Israël, la top priorité est de trouver les bâtards qui sont responsables et de "latter" leur gueule pour de bon.
La top priorité n'est pas de "virer" vos compatriotes, particulièrement lorsqu'ils se trouvent être ceux qui s'opposent aux attaquants avec le plus de détermination.

C'est ce qui fait la différence entre les lions et les moutons. C'est ce qui fait la différence entre une société dotée de force vitale et une qui se meurt.

Et c'est probablement une des raisons pour lesquelles l'Espagne fut une grande puissance, et pourquoi l'Amérique est la grande puissance maintenant.

Je souhaite que Daniel et Cristina apprécient le retour du Khilafa. Après tout, Cristina voulait du "changement", pas vrai mon coeur ?

Je leur épargne cependant la remarque méprisante de mon pote Juan Pablo.

Il a dit quelque chose au sujet de cojones qui, bien qu'approprié, n'était pas franchement flatteur pour les espagnols.


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Tracked on March 17, 2004 06:59 PM


I am a spaniard.
I felt proud of my compatriots on Friday because of their solidarity, and generosity, but today I feel ashamed. How coward people can be!
Not all of us are chickens, there are 9,630,512 of us who, like me, believe in fighting terrorism, and have expressed that in the ballots.
For us, today is a sad day.
Chien de vie.

Posted by: coy | March 15, 2004 07:04 PM

Islam won a victory today. How sad that a few assholes with some sachel charges can swing an election.

Posted by: Papertiger | March 15, 2004 07:53 PM


Perhaps you should withold praise for the US until after the November elections! We will see then whether the resolve of our citizens is still strong.


There is no shame in being in the minority. Especially when you are right!

Posted by: RANT | March 15, 2004 07:55 PM


I certainly do not imply that all Spaniards are (neither does my friend Juan Pablo actually), particularly considering the short number of votes that gave victory to the appeasers.

Unfortunately, the choice of hardly more than half of them forces everybody (including beyond the frontiers of Spain) to carry a heavy burden and face a renewed danger. This is truly a disaster, particularly for Europe.

The fight is not over. It just got a bit more difficult.

I'm comparing both people's reaction to the terror attacks, not their behavior in front of the ballot boxes.
I've heard some commenter stating that this was Spain's 9/11. If that is the case - and I would rather agree - then the US fully deserved the praise. Spain on the other hand, has just proved al-Qaeda right to think that they were weak and that two or three strikes would be enough to make them run away.

I’m not sure we can afford to offer those scum such a victory.

Make no mistake gentlemen: my disappointment is largely caused by the fact that I came to admire the remarkable stance of Spain in this war, up till now.

Posted by: the dissident frogman | March 15, 2004 08:16 PM

Maybe the Spanish educational system is rotting away like that of many other Western countries, since these supposed journalism students (!?!) didn't know any history, to wit: what did Saddam Hussein do while in power? Why, he brutalized his own people! (No!) Was it really so long ago that the Spanish electorate can forget? Can they be so unobservant as not to realize that rolling over to the terrorists simply gives them a softer target to hit?

It bears repeating: soldiers fight wars abroad so that civilians don't have to fight them at home. I wouldn't want to be killed in a pizza joint or at a shopping mall or in a commuter train, but if that's how it is, I sure as hell wouldn't want my fellow citizens to lift their collective legs over my grave by not fighting back. Voting for appeasers is saying that the deaths of your fellows has taught nothing, and meant nothing. Scoundrels.

Posted by: Nightfly | March 15, 2004 09:53 PM

I feel especially bad for those Spanish soldiers that have died in Iraq. Their own government has labled their sacrifice as part of a "disaster" based on the "lies" of the Anzar and the PP.

By every indication of the Milblogers who have met them the Spanish force in Iraq is professional, skilled and steadfast. Shame on the citizens of any land that belittle the courage of such men.

We shall see what the Commie, er, I mean Socialists do in the months to come. It is easy to snipe at those in power when you are the minority party. When you are making the policy and responsible for the outcome it is another story. Perhaps reality will visit their world but I won't hold my breath.

Posted by: Sasquach | March 16, 2004 03:50 AM

An unexpected winner since 14/3 is the city of Munich.From now on, i propose reffering to "madrilene spirit" or "going spanish".
After all chamberllain and daladier bowed to the nazi military might, the spanish(ok, the "la paz" portion of it), surrnedered to 4 bombs.

Posted by: frenchfregoli | March 16, 2004 09:42 AM


Exactly what I had in mind. The whole story has Munich written all over it.
I guess we can "safely" assume that in future history books, the day that initiated the fall of Europe will bear last Sunday's date.

You're right, this time it started in Spain.

Posted by: the dissident frogman | March 16, 2004 09:53 AM

First They Came for the Jews

First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.
Pastor Martin Niemöller

Posted by: steve442193549 | March 16, 2004 01:06 PM

Shame on all of you from spain who vote with ill-conceived emotion and ZERO intellectual thought.
You have disgraced your dead, you have disgraced western civilization, you have the blood on your hands from all future attacks that these cowards will perpetuate you damn pathetic fools.
You on the left lie in the same bed as these jihad virgin-seeking cowards, you have welcomed al-queda into your population within Spain for years as you seek to prop up your aging population and replace the home-grown youth who flea your society. You fools say the "bombs that fell on iraq have exploded in spain" How damn foolish you are to talk this nonsense. The guy who you are all Cabana, towel and Coffee boys for now named bin-laden wants the land of Andalusia back which the Spanish re-took in 1492. You blame the US and Bush for your own failures, you throw a guy out of office who has brought new economic strength to your country. You think the withdrawal of a meager 1300 troops from Iraq is going to be a "bitch slap" to the US? Not even close to reality you fools.
You have disgraced the 201 souls that have perished so far by your cowardly retreat into your socialist and nanny-state welfare shell. You show to them by your vote that your hatred of the US and bush is greater than any love you had for the dead. You disgrace the memory of those murdered by permitting a group of bearded cowards who came to your country to seek welfare monies and freedom to effect the outcome of your election. Your pathetic gesture is a disgrace to all the souls who were also maimed and wounded.
All of a sudden those in Europe (actually, it's best to refer to it as EUrabia) say they are "shocked" by these murders and will now appoint another "Super Commissioner" to address this "new" terrorist threat. Will this commissioner be given both a Speedo and Red cape to wear for his mission? Where the hell have you people been? What rock has fallen on all of your heads that make you so damn blind to the world, and blind to reality?
The people who committed this cowardly act are both spanish and arab. They have been attempting to butcher and kill in your country LONG BEFORE you fools even knew who g bush was. They are living among you like dirty flies at a picnic, simply waiting to apply their brand of Islamo-fascisim to your society. You fools on the left in Spain coddle and embrace these murdering coward monkeys as if they were part "of your struggle against modernity".
Shame on you again! as these cowards continue to kill in EUrabia- the blood is now all on your hands.
Your actions are a disgrace to modern and progressive/forward thinking people everywhere.
To hell with all of you.
Your country and the full EUrabia land was THE training ground for those who killed 3,000 US office workers. it is YOUR country that created the environment for these cowards to turn 3000 people into dust. You lose 201 souls and you fall to your knees at the feet of these coward monkeys, begging them to "spare you". They are laughing in your pathetic faces at this moment.

Posted by: Pato | March 16, 2004 06:07 PM

These perpetuaters of war crimes against the Spanish people are the same scum that have declared Jihad on the west for the last 40 years. This has about as much to do with the war in Iraq as the recent bombings in Bali, the bombings in Turkey, the bombings in Saudi Arabia etc, etc etc. If we all pulled out of Iraq tommorrow, you would not be one iota safer. That some terrorist group did this in the name of the Iraqi people sickens me. The Iraqi people have suffered enough, 40 years of tyranny, then on the dawn of them signing a interm Constitution they have a massive terrorist attack, killing hundreds of Muslim pilgrims, by supposed individuals concerned about the Iraqi people. Ask yourelf this, how many Iraqi's were arrested for the attack on Spain, none! These facist Muslim Terrorists would murder a Muslim as easily as they would murder a Spaniard. These murderers do not care about the Iraqi people, only their cause, and that is the exorcism of all western influence in thier dogmatic hate-filled world. This terrorist attack in Spain proves more than ever, that Iraq was never a cause they cared about, just another excuse to vent their hatred of western Euro-centric, Judeo-Christian values. My heart goes out to the victims in Spain of this latest terrorist attack, I would just hope that you would re-evaluate your position in and on this war against western ideals.

Posted by: vince leta | March 17, 2004 01:13 AM

I will remain quiet on Spain. We will remain in Iraq.
Spokane , WA

Posted by: Mike H. | March 17, 2004 05:49 AM

The majority of Spain is not against the war on terrorism. They just feel that the war on Iraq (without the UN) was not the proper way to fight it. They had expressed their opinion before and now they did it again.

The statements from those two spaniards reveal exactly that. War on terrorism didn't seem that important before it came to spanish soil.
It was the same in the US. Suicide bombings in Israel didn't seem to justify and invasion of Afghanistan or Irak. Even the attack on the USS Cole didn't seem a reason enough.

But after those planes murdered US civilians, well that shifted the balance and made the war on terrorism a crucial issue on politics. And they acted the way they felt was best to fight it. And if there was an election you can be sure economic issues wouldn't weigh anything compare to the war on terrorism.

Well Spain is in that situation. Terrorism after 11M became a central focus on public opinion and they acted, not out of fear, but out of courage to tread the path they feel is better to fight terrorism. And that opinion they didn't change. They stood still and prepared for walking the path they had chosen even before the attacks. It just wasn't a priority.

Why should we be hipocrits and say that they had to act before? If the 11/09 had been in Spain would the US have acted? I don't think they would. Even now the path Bush has taken is not clear for ALL americans.

Fear? There is no fear in Spain. They are acting about it, not retreating.
I see more fear in opinions that say that their option will lead to more attacks. If your choices depend on that, well...THAT is fear.

Posted by: Nuno C. | March 17, 2004 10:19 AM

I am another spanish man who voted PP. I read Oriana Fallacci's book, and that is a war, Democracy vs Islam, Freedom vs Islam, laicism vs Islam..., I am so sorry...


Posted by: Duke | March 17, 2004 12:35 PM

That's an odd definition of fear, Nuno. The Spanish elections were a Sir Robin moment ("He bravely ran away, away!"). Once upon a time the Spanish waved red flags in front of bulls; now they're waving white flags in front of bullies. To say that they courageously chose that action is to say that they bravely chose to bleed after getting socked in the nose.

You give the game away in your own post when you point out that Spain stood by the USA after Sept. 11, despite not being a direct target. That was bravery. You are also unfortunately correct that the US didn't act to help its own allies until they were bombed. But note the different reactions to being thus attacked: rooting out scumbags and petty tyrants vs. sitting back and hoping that quiescence will hide one from further notice.

It doesn't work that way. Do something and you may get attacked by a crippled enemy, preoccupied with battles in his own backyard. Do nothing and you will not impede the enemy in any way; he will be free to act as he pleases, limited only by the resources that you are no longer trying to deny to him. To say so is not fear but knowledge. You don't need a Weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing.

Posted by: Nightfly | March 17, 2004 07:19 PM

I was about to add that Nuno's brilliant exercise in self-delusion reminded me greatly of the daily performances of the French political class, but I guess Nightfly rounded up the issue nicely enough.

What the triumphant appeasers of this new troïka (France, Germany, Spain) – who, since Sunday, are congratulating themselves over that “rebuttal” sent to “Bush that moron” and “Blair that dickhead” (the French radio is having a field day. I mean week.) -- fail to understand, is that the signal sent to terrorists from the Spanish ballot is less a blow at the US than the promise of other bombings in continental Europe.
Although they may try it again in the US and the UK (simply because their goal is to murder us whenever they can) they know that they have no strategic impact otherwise: Americans and British demonstrated that attack means retaliation.

In other words, although I’m nowhere near *hoping* it will happen, I can easily imagine that the same kind of attacks in the US next November would have the opposite effect.

Yet they learned that they can blackmail (continental) European voters now. And the non-Islamic terror groups will start thinking about strategy too…

Posted by: the dissident frogman | March 17, 2004 08:06 PM

As a minor student of history, it seems as if we are re-visiting the Europe of the 1930s. You, the socialists and labor parties, tried to appease and compromise with Hitler. You beleived if you conceded to his small schemes of a greater Germany, that would pacify his hunger for power. You were wrong then, and 40 million people paid with their lives for your pandering to evil. If you wake up tommorrow to find that London, Moscow, Rome and a few other cities are gone because these megamaniacs nuked them, will you still blame it on the U.S.A. and our war in Iraq. You were targets before 9/11, and you were targets before our war in Iraq, and you are still targets despite your myopic outlook. There are thousands hacking at the branches of terror but only one who is willing to strike at the root of terror. Terrorism will surely succede in Europe, because in healthy societies the criminal is the good citizens nemesis not the police.

Posted by: vince leta | March 17, 2004 11:09 PM

DF - thanks for the kind words.

I thought I'd post something I came across this afternoon, straight from Spain. It doesn't hurt to get an opinion straight from the source.

Posted by: Nightfly | March 18, 2004 07:12 PM